Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teenage girls

This may come as a shock to you. I'm not a teenager anymore. However I still remember those times quite well. An unexpected zit on your chin, a bad hair day, a glitter comb in your jeans pocket, lip gloss in all colors, scents and with different taste, giggling at sleepovers with your best friend ... and no cell phone. Ok, so the life of a teenager today is a little different from mine then.
There are things that haven't changed, though.

Glossy girl lip shine by Nikki Makes Scents

Apart from lip gloss teenagers still like to wear jewelry and they do like hoops. How about this large pair? I bet all her friends would be jealous of the girl wearing these.

Rock crystal and sterling silver hoop earrings "Lucid" by Shiny Adornments

Matters of the heart are important for a teenager. "Marsha said that Steve said that Jim told him he liked Amanda, but Amanda told me that she is in love with Ben's big brother. No wonder, he is so DREAMY! Like totally, you know."
Let's give them some heart with this impressive pendant. Can't get much better than this!

Triple heart pendant by Colla Jewelry

I almost forgot some very important teenage jewelry style. Teenage girls want attention and this incredible bling ring is sure to get it. Pink and black, flower and sparkly? A great combination.

Crystal flower fashion ring by The Family Jewels

Now we have something for the ears, the neck and the finger, but there's more - these great hair sticks, actually a whole set of them!

Swirls hair sticks set of 3 in copper by Twining Vine Designs

Can you imagine a teenage girl getting all of this for her birthday? Before going to bed she would write into her new journal, chewing on her pencil every, now and then ...
"Dear diary, I had a wonderful day. I just wonder why Mom gave me such a strange look, almost as if she was a little jealous. Old people, who can understand them? Now let me tell you about Jeff. He wore the coolest jeans today! I wish he'd ask me out to the movies."

Art Nouveau decorated journal by Into The Dawn Designs

I'm not a Mom, but maybe sometimes I am just that tiny teeny bit jealous? ;-)

By Cat's Wire

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Ava said...

Thankful that my teenage years are past. Never the less I still would wear every piece of jewelry posted. Especially love the hearts.

mcstoneworks said...

Very entertaining. Great selections for a teen or anyone for that matter.

Anonymous said...

What a fitting topic for my family currently. Although my daughter is only 10, she's a teenager in the making! And my 12 year old son tells me daily that he's almost a teenager. At least the youngest still has a few years.....heaven help me!

Thanks for the fun blog read and pretty items!!

Koolbraider said...

As we would say, wicked cool. The ring would make any girl's day.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Fun post, Cat...I have 3 granddaughters...they haven't reached their teens yet...but they already are into much of this stuff...Girls!

Caron Michelle said...

Oh I remember those days so well! Thanks for the memories :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, thank you, Cat. Really nice jewelry and a super journal.

Jeanne said...

Oh my Cat, are you sure we didn't have the same sleepovers?!? I remember them well. Oh my goodness I must be trying to relive those teenage years because I just love each and every one of these things you found.... Especially that lip gloss and the blingy flower ring!

EleganceandSparkles said...

You've captured the teenage essence. This is great.

DawninCal said...

While my teen years have long since passed, I'm surrounded daily by teen girls at work and any one of them would be delighted to receive one or all of these wonderful pieces of jewelry.

Heck, I would be too!

Islandgirl said...

How did we ever survive without cell phones... and in my case computers I remember doing a computer program at University on punch cards....

I'd still wear that ring! Trying to be young at heart anyway!

ShinyAdornments said...

ahhhh, lip gloss. How have I survived my adult years without bubble gum lip gloss and love's baby soft cologne?

Great post.

Simply Shiny Blog

Unknown said...

What a great post again Cat! Thanks for including one of my pieces :)

Unknown said...

ups, wrong acoount, this is Colla :)