Friday, October 16, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Galadryl Design sez: I am taking part in the etsy halloween discounts/weekend sale 16th to 18th Oct 09, I offer 10% off every order (pay pal refund), free worldwide shipping for orders above 50$ all year round.
SATeam sez: WoooOOOT!

The FamiLee Jewels sez: The FamiLee Jewels is offering 10% off all of our Halloween merchandise this weekend, October 16-17.
SATeam sez: Hurrah for Halloween sales!

Dianne Karg Baron sez: Hi all! I got the very exciting news today that my piece "Moonrise" was accepted for The Metal Arts Guild of Canada's national juried exhibition "MAGC 2067 - Crafting the Future"! It's one of 27 pieces selected for the show, and it's my first time being accepted, so I'm beyond excited!

MAGC is the national organization for metalsmithing here in Canada, sort of like SNAG in the US, so it's a big deal to get into one of their shows. The exhibition is running from October 31-November 19, 2009, in Toronto, so if you are local, I hope you'll check it out! More details here.
SATeam sez: Congratulation! It's a lovely piece, and deserved to be chosen. We're not surprised!

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galadryl said...

Thanks for keeping us informed, Cynthia. Beautiful piece, Diane