Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Style: Scary Version

Vampire Bat Necklace by MCStoneworks on Etsy

Crisp mornings, advertisements featuring cuddly sweaters, and yellow school buses herald the approaching change of seasons. This is a beautiful time of year in the Northeastern United States. Soon our trees will be bright with shades from gold to scarlet, asters will be blooming and the smell of wood fires will once again become part of our environment. All of these things signal to me that Halloween is near. Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays. It brings out the silly child in me. I love the decorations, the costumes and of course the treats!
Dia de los Muertos dress by ChaoticCouture
Consider this romantic Day of the Dead ChaoticCouture22 on Etsy. It's amazing pearl encrusted bodice gives it a sugar skull appearance that is enhanced by the designers use of burnt edges. You will be the most beautiful ghoul at the party.

It even comes with a burned red rose bouquet and black lace mantilla style veil decorated with more red roses of course.

Handmade leather mask by Ken Osborne
Take a look at this handcrafted leather mask in fabulous flame colors by Etsy seller kennosborne.  Each of their masks is a unique work of wearable art and will make a most mysterious statement. 

Kennosborne represents a husband (Ken) and wife (Becky) team of artists whose favorite materials include "anything we can get our hands on."

Skeleton arm warmers by LadyLotus

Wear "dem bones" on the outside with these funky arm warmers/fingerless gloves by LadyLotus.  These arm warmers are made from recycled T shirt fabric, projects that didn't turn out the way the Lady wanted them to.  What a great use of material!

Jewelry is a delightful way to add a little scary to your otherwise sedate work attire.  
Vampire bats in black, antiqued brass and verdigris roost in the shop of MCStoneworks on etsy.  Michelle offers an entire verdigris collection that has a dark and mysterious air.
Marvin the Marvelous mummy resides at Fireball Beads by Islandgirl on etsy. He has friends there too. I found tiny ghost beads and a beautiful black cat there too.

Scary or funky, sexy or bold costumes are a delightful way to celebrate the season. 

Marvin the Marvelous Mummy

Who are you going to be for Halloween this year?


Cat said...

I so wish I was in the US for Halloween, I love it, but it's not much celebrated in these parts.
I love all pieces you chose!

mcstoneworks said...

Love this Halloween collection. Great picks.

BeadSire said...

Fantastic representation of Halloween, its starting to pick up here with the shops selling all sorts of goodies! Love it!