Monday, October 17, 2011

Studio Goodness

This set of ceramic bells is one of my favorite things in my metal studio. The wind almost always blows out here
in Metchosin and these are often making a pretty noise in the window.

My inspiration board is one of my favorite things in the glass studio. The clock would be a close second.
I have two large inspiration boards that need to go up in the metal studio. I'm always printing, clipping and glueing
things up to go on the boards. I have a large collection waiting for the metal studio.
Do you have a studio? If so what's your favorite bits of goodness in it?


Cat said...

My whole apartment is my studio, so I wouldn't know where to start with the goodness!
Thanks for sharing yours.

mcstoneworks said...

I love looking at artist studios. Thank you for sharing.

DawninCal said...

A real, live studio? I wish!

I'm stuck in a corner in hubby's office, but I do have a bulletin board mounted on the wall in front of my so called workbench and I stick things up there now and then. My favorite is a quote on the bulletin board from a member of the old B&B forums.

It was by magdalena, a very talented wire artist, and it says, "EVERYBODY has imagination, it is just about finding what YOU LOVE the most! And never give up! Also never afraid to experiment and do it so long that it will become perfect."

I look at it at least once a day and more often than that when I'm stuck, frustrated or getting discouraged.

Sorry for the novel!

N Valentine Studio said...

I haven't always had a studio I worked in the alleyway of our barn for years. It was tough so I know how some of you feel. Some days I fell spoilt!

Jeanne said...

I do not have a dedicated space, but I do have a couple of cute pictures on the wall in front of where I sometimes make some jewelry. They make me smile so much, I have them at work too. LOL

I look forward to the day when I can have my very own dedicated space for working my chosen craft...I get a dreamy smile on my face when I think of it.