Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quote Me - Rita Rudner

My husband gave me a necklace. It’s fake. I requested fake. Maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day and age, I don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head.
~Rita Rudner

What is your opinion on fakes?

I’m not adverse to shopping in the discount stores. And discount doesn't necessarily have to mean fake. But working to a budget means that some things need (and can) to be bought on the cheap. Wrapping paper, coloured pencils, shampoo to use as hand-wash….

But when it comes to jewellery – well, that’s a different matter.

Once upon a time (in my poor and broke student days) a gorgeous necklace for 2 bucks was considered a find!

Now I pick them up and think about how poorly they are made, the individuals who were paid pittance to make them and how as a mass-produced product there is no ‘unique-ness’ to the design.

But as a independent, handmade artisan valuing our work, and more importantly getting others to understand the value of handmade, is really difficult.

A really interesting read on the subject of pricing and market pressure was highlighted recently at the
Crafting an MBA blog.
Etsy and the Culture of Cheap it provoked a lot of discussion and thought. I’m hoping to source the book mentioned through our local library and have a read for myself.

So enough ramblings from me... back to fakes?

Would you wear a necklace that cost more than your head?

Please Note: The gorgeous designs pictured are from 2 very talented members of the Starving Jewelry Artist team - Maison Milli and Erika Price. I am in no way implying that their work, materials or designs are fake or inferior.

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galadryl said...

"costing more than my head" is probably subjective. I personally wouldn't by anything beyond say 200§ unless it would really knock my socks off (haven't found such a piece yet, thank god) and I don't like wearing super expensive stuff anyway too scared of losing it. I must admit I don't buy or wear jewelry made out of plastic beads or pewter like stuff. Does that make me a snob?

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a sterling and natural stone lover, so I generally stay away from anything "fake" in the jewelry I make. It's all up to the individual - wear what you love, and love what you wear!

Cat said...

How much does my head cost?? Some days more, some days less, I'd say ;-)
I have to admit I have one or the other piece that was expensive and I wear them, even to work if I feel like it.
What I wouldn't buy are pieces I'd really be afraid of losing or that I can only wear once a lifetime for lack of occasions. Jewelry is not made for spending its whole life in a box or a safe.

N Valentine Studio said...

I love one of a kind pieces. In fact I'd yearn for them, collect them and MUST have them. I'll pay a lot more for something knowing it is NOT mass produced, that it's mine all mine!

mcstoneworks said...

Exactly how much is a head worth? lol

I have jewelry in every price range and lots of different styles. I like unique pieces.

Anonymous said...

I like things that are real, that are authentic, but that doesn't mean that they need to be expensive.

I love stones, always have, always will. But many of the stones that I love are inexpensive stones - like jaspers and sodalite and carnelian. I like them because of their character.

I'm not drawn to synthetic stones. I know they are beautiful, but they don't feel authentic to me. Part of the reason why I love stones so much is because I am in awe of the beauty and variety created by nature. So I'll take real over fake any day!

Erika Price Designs said...

Not sure my empty head is worth very much these days, LOL! Thank you for this interesting article, and for including a photo of my handcrafted Sonata Opus 172 earrings. I think of them as a compromise between making a fashion statement and breaking the bank! They are quality earrings, made with sterling silver and swarovski crystals, but I used faux cinnabar here because the genuine article can be hard to find and rather expensive.

The only really expensive jewelry I own myself is my almost flawless single carat diamond engagement ring, which cost as much as a small car and I never take off as I'm terrified of losing it :)

When I can't afford the real thing I will settle for manmade gemstones although, whether I'm buying or making, they do have to be superb quality! However, I would never buy mass produced jewelry, and base metal turns my skin green, so I guess I'm a snob too!!!

Leilani said...

I started making jewelry with affordability in mind...but as a keepsake and not as something cheaply made. Therefore, I expect to be paid for my time and not exploited. It is truly an education for the client but once they "get"handmade, I find people are hooked on the concept.