Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull or I believe I can fly

Picture by Andreas Tille

Nope. I couldn't if I wanted to. Fly, I mean. And a lot of others can't, either. Not even the ones that want to. Like my husband, being stuck in a hotel in Detroit right now.
Nature has done it once again and kicked technology's .... oops, well, you know what I mean. But do you also know why Eyjafjallajökull is spitting ashes for the first time since 1821? A troll king is living there and he is mad, very mad. I know that from a friend whose partner's boss is from Iceland.
I don't know if the troll king stomped with his foot or what, but the results were amazing. I never got my house to erupt, not even when being very mad. The troll king (sorry, I couldn't find a reliable picture) threw a tantrum and off the volcano went, just like in this beautiful and not as dangerous necklace by MC Stoneworks.

Mankind has always been living near to volcanoes. The soil is fertile and people are good at blocking out the dangers going out from such a powerful neighbor, like Mount Vesuvius, Pinatubo, Krakatau, just to mention a few names that are stuck in our memories.
The power of a volcano, the fire, the ashes, the rocks, we fear them, but are fascinated by them as well.
Mentioning lava rocks - they are lightweight and beautiful which makes them perfect for impressive jewelry pieces. Look at the great contrast in these earrings by Aeris Designs!

Still I doubt that the people waiting for their planes, riding on crammed trains, longing to reach their destination are interested in lava rocks right now.
I bet they would rather grow some wings like these beauties from BeadsBeadingBeaded, so they would be able to say ... I believe I can fly.

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AMDesignsbyAngela said...

I love how you weave a story...and wire too! Beautiful SATeam examples.

BeadSire said...

Love this story, I always enjoy reading your posts, fabulous selections to accompany your post.

tjrjewellery said...

So imaginative Cat! I could never write so creatively (or have that fanciful an imagination)!

Pretty jewellery selections!

mcstoneworks said...

Cat, I hope your husband makes it home soon. What a disaster this has been for travelers.

Erin's butterfly wings are sooo realistic - just gorgeous.

galadryl said...

Enjoyed the story very much, nice jewelry selection.