Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quote Me - Marcelene Cox

The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.
~Marcelene Cox

Today's pick are purely personal - and you've just come shopping with me!!
What can you tell?
Come on - have a go - from these three photos... what can you tell?!

I think that your choice in jewellery says as much about you as your choice in clothes, shoes or hand-bags.
It's very personal - to the point where sometimes others can't pick for you.

If you're still wondering...
I'm a pacifist who loves my family intensely.
My favourite flowers are roses.
And do not, under any circumstances, get in my bad books!!

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tjrjewellery said...

Hahaha! Remind me not to cross you!

I actually have similar views :-)

mcstoneworks said...

Cool post, Tasha.

BeadSire said...

This is fabulous - love the quotes and the pictures certainly paint a story! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha- nice quote!