Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Design Challenge

This post is written by BonLou of FamiLee Jewels

Each month members of the Starving Artists Team are invited to stretch their skills and their imaginations by participating in a specific challenge.

February's quest was to make something that you love, that represents love to you.

Are you a romantic?

Maybe you don't like hearts and flowers?

What would you wear to represent your feelings?

Whether you are traditional or have a totally unique perspective we want to see it.

The diversity of the responses in this group continues to amaze me. Our designs are so unique. Each piece represents the artist who made it in an identifiable way, depicts the common theme, and complements the others as a whole body of work.

Angela aka Beady Eyes has been experimenting with new wire techniques including needle lace. Her romantic and girly Needle Lace Heart is an amazing example of that skill. I think she’s got it!

Caron’s offering is a beautiful heart shaped stone that has yet to be identified. She has embellished the stone heart with wire wrapping and an assortment of tiny beads in complimentary colors. It’s name? Hidden Love of course!

Dawn made asymmetrical hearts out of copper wire and bright red beads. The bold hearts and striking color combination on these earrings and necklace scream Rock Star. For someone that doesn’t like hearts you really rose to the challenge Dawn. Did you paint these red beads?

My entry from The FamiLee Jewels is a collage necklace called Love Forevermore. I am just not a hearts and flowers kind of girl. The necklace charms include a clock hand with a piece of a love letter captured on it with resin, a black crystal, a Forevermore token and a tiny brass envelope containing a letter with the word love etched on it.

Our Island Girl, Lynne made a necklace out of her own red lampwork hearts connected by soldered silver heart links. She challenged herself to solder all those fine wire links and did it!

Thank you to everyone that played along and entered into the spirit of the challenge.

Please consider joining us for March’s Challenge when we all go looking for a pot of gold


Cat said...

It's great to see people approach the same subject in so different ways!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very different, but all so lovely.

DawninCal said...

I agree, Cat!

The entries definitely rose to the challenge and came up with stunning designs and all so different, yet keeping with the theme.

Bonnie, thank you for including my entry. I wish I'd painted those beads - they're gorgeous red coral from Thailand.

BeadSire said...

You've won my heart - what delightful creations!

Islandgirl said...

What a great selection of jewellery pieces... something for everyone!

mcstoneworks said...

These are all fabulous! Love the different takes on the theme.

Ava said...

Lovely pieces for any heart felt occasion.

Erin Simonetti said...

I was anxious to open this thread, knowing there would be some great talent! I love seeing everyone's own 'loves' shine through!

Carole said...

Definitely a very talented group. The variety is amazing.

Koolbraider said...

This is proof that the Starving Jewelry Artists are wonderfully talented and are full of different ideas and interpretations for a given theme. Now if I could only convince them to send all these to me!!!

Bonnie said...

Now there's an idea Koolbraider maybe I should insist that the entries be mailed directly to me next month instead of just the pictures :>) .

EleganceandSparkles said...

Great entries! They captured the theme well.

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thinking of joining the next one ...

Please, tell me, how should I proceed and when is the deadline!

ritajc (at) inbox (dot) lv

Bonnie said...

Rita watch for a forum thread titled March Challenge. It will announce the theme. The deadline is always the Wednesday evening before the last Thursday of the month. In March that will be the 29Th.

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

i love every one of the entries, so diverse and you can see the care everyone took.