Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Pallas cat in the Edinburgh zoo

Today I'll tell you something about me that some of you might not know yet. For the last 22 years I have been member of a small club that runs our small local zoo. I have seen and held monkey babies in diapers, I have collected porcupine quills, bottle fed a chinchilla, a prairie dog and quite a few bunnies, fled in panic from a pygmy goat and got "combed" by ring-tailed coatis. And I got my eye glasses frame twisted beyond repair by a very smart and quick mandrill girl. To this day I swear she laughed at me.

I know I'm not the only one in our team who likes animals, so I prepared a little safari. Jump on and please hold on to your glasses if you wear any!

Wombat Owl Lemur Bush Baby Critter Necklace
Stop number one ... please look to the right. I'm not sure about what you see here, but I do know it's incredibly cute. Opinions about this mystery animal are many and differ. Personally I see a bush baby, but I might be prejudiced as I'm love with bush babies since I was a child.

You can have a closer look in the studio of

Sterling silver gecko necklace
Now you'll need a good eye. Do you see the little gecko over there in the corner? I like the way their little feet feel when you have them sitting on your hand. Just look at him, isn't he adorable? You know you want to hold him!
You'll find more cute critters like him in the shop of MC Stoneworks.

I got something special for you now. I don't know many people who don't love butterflies. The colors, the tender wings, the fragility and elegance. They are like little dreams dancing from flower to flower.
When there's a whole bunch of them, it's most impressive which is why I brought you here. Don't they just make you want to smile?
The Family Jewels shop is bringing them to you.

Copper bookmark with hand engraved butterflies

Teal trunk fish

You know you do look a little tired now. What do you say to a nice bath in the ocean? We could look out for some fish maybe?
Ah, here is one of my favorites now, courtesy of Beads by Melissa Vess.

As you can imagine, these are not the only animals you can find in our team's shop, but I think for now it's enough. How about a cool drink in the lodge now? ;-)

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PaintinByFaith said...

Oh I love the description you put on my lil' mystery animal that was suppose to be an owl!!! LoL

And I find this a very appropriate post for me to be reading today! Yesterday we picked up in front - well up the road just a litte - a bobcat that had been hit by a car!

mcstoneworks said...

Great post. Love all of the animals.

Ava said...

Wow, what a great ride! I love all the little creatures! But I want the butterfly bookmark! Great post, beautiful works.

Koolbraider said...

An apt post for you, beginning with the Pallas cat! Everything you chose fits perfectly with the animal theme, especially the etched copper butterfly bookmark. "Not your average blog post"!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice choices, love your writing style.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

That is the best safari I have ever been on...never had to leave the comfort of my home. The jewelry items showcased are beautiful specimens. Thanks for being a great guide.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! You sound like you get to alot of fun with the animals! Love everyone's jewelry, thanks for the fun safari.

Ness said...

Great post, Cat. Lovely choices too. I adore the gecko :)

tjrjewellery said...

Another great posting Cat! Always enjoy reading your stories!

Alegria Designs said...

Great post and cute critters, thanks!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the road trip. I enjoyed the safari. The book mark reminds me of a butterfly house, a favorite vacation memory.

DawninCal said...

Great post, Cat! I feel like I've been on a wonderful safari without ever leaving my chair.

Vanessa, I hope the bobcat will be ok. Poor little thing!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Great post!

Erika Price said...

Great post, thank you!

Jeanne said...

You're a great tour guide, Cat! I must say, I've never seen a Pallas cat before, how intriguing! We have quite the menagerie between all the members, don't we? :)