Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bracelet Season

Today is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere.  This means it will soon be short sleeve weather.  And what is the perfect accessory to go with short sleeves?  Bracelets! 

Bracelets can add so much style and personality to a look.  They can be delicate and feminine or big and bold.  They can showcase your favorite item or show off your support for a cause.  You can match a bracelet to your outfit one day and match one to your mood the next.

I love how noticeable bracelets are.  Most of us move our arms around quite a lot during a day so a bracelet is sure to catch the eye of those around the wearer.  Don't be shy to express yourself through your choice of arm candy.

Doesn't this bracelet just call out "spring"?  The pretty flowers and feminine lines are perfect for this gentle season of reawakening. 

Sterling Silver and Purple Lampwork Flower Bracelet by Wickwire Jewelry

I can feel the movement of this bracelet and hear the soft tinkle of the charms as they gently sway in the air.  I would love to have this butterfly garden adorn my wrist.

Flutterby Dreams - Lampwork Sterling Charm Bracelet by Studio DTQ

This bracelet certainly makes a big statement!  Like the Ancient Egyptians, you too can wear jewelry featuring a scarab. 

Scarab Beetle Cuff Bracelet by MC Stoneworks

Perhaps you prefer bats to beetles?  Or maybe you want to remember a visit to a particular place?  This flattened penny bracelet allows you to show off your love for winged creatures.

Pressed Penny Copper Bangle Bracelet: Fruit Bat by The FamiLee Jewels

You don't want to wear a creature but you do love texture?  Then here is the perfect piece.  This copper cuff bracelet has a rich, sophisticated look, don't you think? 

Shiny Bubbles Copper Cuff by Twining Vine Designs
How many bracelets do you have in your collection?  Do you wear a different piece each day or do you find yourself going back to the same favorite one over and over again?

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mcstoneworks said...

Yay for spring!!! Great summer bracelets.

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Gorgeous collection of bracelets that you have showcased here! I only have a handful of bracelets and I find that I have "runs" where I'll wear on all the time for a while, then I'll switch off to another one. They're all my favorites. :)

galadryl said...

Beautiful bracelets, well chosen, love the flutterby one.

Bonnie said...

I love bracelets. They are my favorite fashion accessory. The only things that I wear more often are earrings and my wedding rings.

Cat said...

Lovely choices ... my favorite is the bat!

BeadSire said...

The addition of a bracelet can complete an ensemble - just love the selections you chosen.

EleganceandSparkles said...

Those bracelets are all so gorgeous and perfect for spring.

DawninCal said...

What a lovely selection of bracelets - I can't choose a favorite!

I am looking forward to warmer weather and short sleeves so I can start wearing bracelets again. During the warm months, I wear a bracelet every day. Whichever one I am wearing on any given day is my favorite for that day!

Ava said...

A great display of bracelets! For me I choose the flutterby one.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Beautiful it really spring...we had snow this morning!