Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sing along

I'm a big fan of the Beatles and have been since I was 12 years old (that was when I got my first own tape recorder). I even offered to do the dishes all by myself as long as I could put in the tape with the Red or the White Album and sing and dance along while doing it. I think my record was at about three hours.

Now I'm sitting here listening to the White Album once again and memories connected with the music come back - baking ginger cookies together with my friend, buying the second Beatles songbook when it finally came out here or my personal favorite, getting a love poem from my boyfriend. Too bad he had forgotten that I was a Beatles fan and knew the poem that "had taken him so long to write" was in fact a song by them! ;-)

Where is this taking us now, you want to know? Each one of the next items has a connection to a Beatles song, maybe you'll find out for yourself, maybe you'll have to look at the solution at the end of the post.

To find out more about each item, just click the pictures!

If you played how did you do? Check here! I hope you had a least a little fun.

1. That was an easy one, right? "Blackbird" (1968)
2. Gosh, I want to eat those earrings ... "Savoy Truffle" (1968)
3. Got Ringo in your ear now? ;-) "Octopus's garden" (1969)
4. This one was a bit unfair, the Beatles have more than one song with sun in the title. The one I love most is "I'll follow the sun" (1964)
5. If you got that one, you are good! "I'll cry instead" (1964)

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

How clever. Love Bonnie's steampunk octopus.

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

I enjoy the Beatles, but I don't really know a lot of their music, except the really popular ones. SO, I guessed Blackbird right, and not one of the others, although my husband had a bit more luck. 'Course I did figure out Popnicute's yellow pendant was "sunny" but no clue on the title.

Anyway, very cool post, I really enjoyed trying to figure them out! And thanks for posting the answers, saved me lots of frustration. LOL

Koolbraider said...

I thought the necklace with the yellow round might have been "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"! Great post, it brings back so many memories.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Fun post, Cat...those were not so easy...the sun song I thought of was "Here Comes the Sun King"
and I missed Savoy Truffle and the last one...I'll Cry Instead...aside from all the Beatle fun, the SATeam selections are all lovely.

Carole said...

I had no idea about Savoy Truffle, but it sure made me hungry.

tjrjewellery said...

Entertained me again Cat!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

This is great!! Thanks for including my blackbird!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the blast from the past, and for featuring my Release the Kracken Necklace as the Octopusies Garden. It is an idea that I toyed with when naming this piece.

FeatheredGems said...

My first thought was "the Beatles had a RED album?"--this says it all. I love their music, but know nothing about the group. I got 'blackbird' right, but missed the others. Having said that, this was a great post!

DawninCal said...

Great post, Cat!

I got Blackbird and knew the octopus song, but couldn't come up with the title.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane - love the Beatles!

Islandgirl said...

I was 12 when I got my tape deck too.. However most of those beatles songs hadn't been written when I was 12!

Great idea! & lovley pieces

BeadSire said...

I loved my tape recorder - you paint a wonderful visual picture cat, great post!