Sunday, September 27, 2009

Properties of Gemstones

It can be fun to pick your jewelry according to your moods; it might even help you out to wear certain stones when you're engaged in certain activities. Various gemstones are said to have metaphysical and healing properties; we don't know if that is true or not, but here's a list of a few gemstones and the properties that they are supposed to embody. Click on any photo to learn more about the featured piece.

Opal is said to awaken and help understanding of psychic intuition and mysticism. It encourages living authentically in feeling and action, with faithfullness and loyalty, and just might be helpful for eyesight, and during childbirth.

Peridot is supposed to balance your emotional mind and calm emotional storms. In additionm it just might aid digestion, help prevent insomnia, and increase psychic powers.

Quartz is said to be the greatest of all healing stones. It is supposed to be an amplifier for psychic energy, and it aids meditation and visualization.

Rose Quartz is said to be great for attracting love. It is believed to promote self-loving and heal emotional wounds, as well as promoting peaceful, forgiving, and nurturing behaviors.

Smoky Quartz is supposed to be a grounding stone which helps reduce depression and negative emotions.

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Bonnie said...

I love these gem properties posts. It is so interesting to combine stones with attention to their metaphysical properties as well as their physical beauty.

galadryl said...

I can only agree with Bonnie. Thanks for enlighten us.