Friday, September 4, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


The Family Jewels sez: I listed these new spider earrings yesterday - I absolutely love the color of the beads I used for the body! Indoors they look black and in natural light they are blood red!!! So cool!!!!!!
SATeam sez: Jenifer, you're scaring us!

Jewlie Beads sez: It's been so warm and humid here but I think I'm ready for some cooler temps, not cold but just cooler. LOL! I finished my tutorial and plan on making jewelry today. I had my 500th sale yesterday. I was excited. LOL!
SATeam sez: Congratulations on your 500th sale! That's FABULOUS!!!!!

dianne karg baron sez: I'm making progress on photographing some of my new work, and have adding this new listing.
SATeam sez: Fab photo! We love bookmarks.

Beaded Spirit Designs sez: Still trying to figure out what I've been doing all summer..Seems like I have just been running in circles..But finally slowed down on celebrations and traveling and hope to start catching up on my pretties.. Here's the newest listing.
SATeam sez: Very dramatic! We like your style.

Heavenly Flower sez: The guests have officially gone home for yet another year & I am feeling a bit unsure as to how to get myself back in order. The house is also a mess but other than sanitary stuff it will just have to stay that way until I get everything else accomplished. For goodness sake I have things made here ages ago that need photographing & listing. I also have custom orders to work on...feeling ready to jump in and go just not sure how to balance the time just yet...
SATeam sez: We know the feeling!

la valley girly sez: I am trying to get some creativity (actually...ENERGY would be the right word) to get some new designs made. We have a big fire here in LA and it's only a few miles from us over on the other side of the mountain range.*cough cough*** >hack< ..sorry
SATeam sez: Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you near the fires.

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galadryl said...

Congrats to the 500. sales, JewlieBeads. Great News.