Friday, September 11, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Artistry by Ramona sez: I am just tickled pink here! The recent treasury I curated was featured in a blog, Treasury Tuesday Elite Eight. I was just delighted and very honored to be a part of it. They select eight treasuries and then feature them! It is such a sweet thing to do and the blog is so visually pleasing and inviting. If you missed that treasury I curated, you can take a peek here. And while you're at it, take a moment to admire the other treasuries selected as well, they are so beautiful!
SATeam sez: We LOVE that treasury! It made us feel calm and peaceful when we first saw it.

The Family Jewels sez: My silver and black spider ring made front page again last night!!!!! Looks like Admin really likes that one! Makes me excited to see what the next month and a half will hold for me and my troop of spidies!!I listed a new In Bloom Ring . . .
SATeam sez: Those rings are SO much fun. You GO, girl!!!

For You sez: I'm reading a great book at the moment called "I'd Rather Be in the Studio"... today's task for me was to get my work table and paperwork organized.
SATeam sez: organized? We're supposed to be organized? Uh oh.

Nicole Hill sez: One of the things I think I'm going to do while blissfully unemployed is work my way through a book called the Artists Way (Or something similar. Assuming its in one of our boxes here, and not back in the UK still...) I started reading it a few months ago while I was feeling a bit stuck, and it looked like it would be very good at helping you structure your creativity, for want of a better term...I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things though - I made and listed another, too!
SATeam sez: sounds like a fun and inspiring use of your time!

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Stacie said...

e both books mentioned...The Artists Way & I'd rather be in the studio. Of course I have issues with organization!

Barb Macy said...

I need to find some motivation to create! Everyone here is so "on the ball". . . sigh. . .