Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Featured Shop: RFefie Collection

Ramona of RFefie Collection told us, "RFefie is a shop where handcrafted jewelry is created with many precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass, Czech glass, fresh water pearls, and all precious metals."

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Sterling silver coral earrings are so romantic. And romance is something people enjoy being a part of. Some are in love with life, cars, vacations and other extravagant items. But some are ROMANTICALLY in love with that special someone who brings happiness, satisfaction, and true meaning to life. And these earrings are created just for that special someone! They are romantically accented with Coral sticks ranging from 5-8mm long, differently shaped, not one stick is the same. Just the way love is...different in every shape and form.

Sterling silver circle necklace named, Circle of Love, "blankets" special areas in our lives keeping them warm and fuzzy. From God, family, friends, acquaintances, and even hobbies or individual art forms, a circle will keep them all together tucked away safely reminding us how they've all enriched us.

Sterling Silver Earrings with Blue Czech Rondelle Beads and Silver Flowers are just pretty and delightful! They are so girly. And not only do they look pretty and girly, but they look happy. Yes, happy! It's so bright and cheery. Maybe 'cause they have flowers? Flowers can make every place look happy, bright, and cheerful.

Nostalgically vintage with an elegant flair! Yes, they measure almost 2 1/2" in length and are created with 8mm Swarovski Satin Pearls, accented with brass filigree caps, connected to links that are 12mm in diameter. So light, comfortable to wear and appealingly trendy!

Handmade Copper Sterling Silver Earrings with Flowers are cute and jingle with every movement! The hammered metal circles are accented with Pewter Flowers just to jazz it up a bit!

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FeatheredGems said...

Woot! Nice stuff, Feef! Congrats on being featured!

Cat said...

I'll have the Circle of Love, please :D
Beautiful romantic pieces.

angie said...

Gorgeous collection! Such a lovely assortment of pieces, and beautiful craftsmanship.

mcstoneworks said...

Congratulations Ramona. Great pieces.

bebdesigns said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Leilani said...

Beautiful work, Ramona!