Sunday, December 27, 2009

Properties of Gemstones

It can be fun to pick your jewelry according to your moods; it might even help you out to wear certain stones when you're engaged in certain activities. Various gemstones are said to have metaphysical and healing properties; we don't know if that is true or not, but here's a list of a few gemstones and the properties that they are supposed to embody. Click on any photo to learn more about the featured piece.

Rhodochrosite is a love drawing stone. It is said to help release past psychological issues, and help your eyesight.

Rhodonite is worn for self-affirmation and self-love. It is supposed to foster the ability to remain calm in arguments and is said to help the wearer to resolve disagreements in a loving way.

Ruby is believed to stimulate nurturing emotions and economic stability. It is excellent for shielding from psychic attacks and gathering and amplifying energy. It is also supposed to be helpful for blood-related health issues, such as anemia, menstrual issues, and poor circulation.

Sapphire is said to promote light, pure emotions; it is believed to enhance purity of mind, serenity, joy, and peace. Wear sapphires to open the mind to beauty and love. It is also supposed to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts.

Sardonyx is said to encourage self-control and courage in public speaking. Wear it to relieve anxiety and grief, and to enhance protection, luck, and peace.

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Bonnie said...

What beautiful examples you have used to show of the stones. I enjoy your informative and delightful posts.

mcstoneworks said...

Great information and selections.

I might steal your sardonyx properties description and include it in my description. Maybe someone looking for those qualities will buy it. lol

Cat said...

I think I'll have to stock up on sardonyx *lol* Thanks, that was interesting and you chose some beautiful pieces!

FeatheredGems said...

Yeah Cat, wear some sardonyx to that yarn shop... ;')

galadryl said...

Interesting information, thank you, and yes, you have chosen beautiful examples

Gail Kops - Beadles said...

A great idea to give gemstone and mineral property definitions - bring on some sardonyx! Beautiful pieces as well.

Leilani said...

Beautiful examples indeed!