Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here comes the bride

So there we were now, in an old castle. The dark had already set in and shadows were dancing across the walls in the candle light.
I always knew Lydia would not have an ordinary wedding. She was a creature of the night, during the day she was neither in shape nor in the mood for anything else but lying in bed. She rose when others went to sleep. I still remembered how hard school time had been for her and how often I had had to poke her to wake her up. We had been friends forever and yet were so different from each other.
And now she sat in this little room waiting for her big appearance, in her gorgeous black satin dress with black beads sparkling on the bodice's lace, her black curly hair put up in a deliberately messy chignon. The night before we had been sitting on her bed, sipping dark red wine, and she had said: "Bea, I want to wipe them off their feet." And I, the little wall flower, had smiled and answered: "Lydia, you always have, you always will."

Lydia stared at the mirror. I wouldn't have been surprised if there hadn't been any reflection. It was getting late however. Time for the last touches.
I handed her the earrings, long dangling filigree pieces with black glass beads. The facets of the beads picked up the light from the candles when she slowly turned her head to make the earrings swing.

Next I gave her the ring. It sparkled on her left hand like a black star. Lydia spread her fingers on both hands and smiled at me. I knew what she was thinking. Soon there would be a ring on her right hand as well.

It was like celebrating the last moment before the ceremony when I laid the necklace around her neck. Softly I put my hands on her shoulders and whispered: "You look beautiful."

When she walked through the big hall, all by herself, she looked like a dark queen and you could hear a gasp running through the chair rows. Samuel's eyes lit up. A lonely flute began playing a sweet, yet sad melody.
While the ceremony went on, I just had eyes for Lydia and memories floated through my head. Endless phone calls about our dates, horror movies and popcorn, shopping in the goth store for her and at the mall for me, philosophical talks, wondering about our future, even longer calls when things between her and Samuel got more serious.
Now he put the ring on her finger and almost triumphantly she held up her hand and gave us her irresistible smile. Then she looked at me and I knew I didn't have to be afraid. Our friendship would last forever.

This story is pure fiction, regarding the characters, but not the described wedding outfit. If you want to have a wedding like Lydia, check out these links!

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mcstoneworks said...

Cat, you have quite an imagination. Lydia is a sight for sore eyes. Lovely jewelry you picked for her ensemble.

For You Jewellery Designs said...

I loved reading this Cat.
Gorgeous jewellery choices for your left-of-centre bride.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my gown in this great blog.

BeadSire said...

Totally intriuging!