Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quote Me – Henry Ward Beecher

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.

~Henry Ward Beecher

We all have different ideas on what constitutes success.

For some it relates to money.

For others happiness.

For many of us our health.

Lampwork Bead - Wise Owl - by NValentineStudio on EtsyTo me, Nicole of NValentine, constitutes success. She has mastered a technique that I know I will (in all likelihood) never master. Her beads are divine – small pieces of art in themselves.

Cute Fairy Scrabble Pendant by JenifersFamilyJewels on Etsy Jenifer, of Jenifers Family Jewels, is another team member who I see as successful. She has thrown herself in to growing her business in to a full-time venture. With over 1300 Etsy sales under her belt, she is living her handmade dream.

Tangerine Orange Cubic Zirconia Ring by TJRJewellery

And Tim, of TJR Jewellery. What can I say… his pieces look like they belong under lights in the window of a big name jewellers….

So what is success for you?

What do you value most personally?


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Who was Henry Ward Beecher? A prominent, Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, abolitionist, and speaker in the mid to late 19th century.


tjrjewellery said...

Thank you for the kind words.

To me, success is:
- overcoming problems (technical challenges in jewellery, personal issues in life)
- seeing your children grow and develop into good members of society
- by having good friends and family

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Success, to me, is getting up each day with an open mind and a loving heart.

mcstoneworks said...

Success to me is being happy with your life.

N Valentine Studio said...

I'm gobsmacked! What a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much!

So what is success for you? Success for me is doing something you love every day, making someone else smile and living a life you can be proud of. Sappy I know but it's how I try and be successful.

What do you value most personally? Joy, for me a day without a smile is just not right.

Professionally? Practicing business with integrity.