Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spirals, spirals everywhere

As kids we used to go to the small park near town hall, and being kids the biggest fun was to play in the mini fountains or balancing along the walls between the two bigger fountains, looking for freshwater snails. Most of them had a shell like a little tower, but on rare occasions we would find a flat-shelled one. We didn't know it was a different species and frankly we didn't care, to us they were special, so when we heard one of the others yell "I've got a queen!", we ran over there and everyone wanted to look at it and touch it before putting it back. Poor snails, they probably tried to hide when they heard our voices.

Today I am still fascinated by snails, their bodies and their shells. I could stare at a baby snail forever and since I am no gardener, I take pictures of snails gnawing on leaves instead of taking them off. May my neighbors forgive me.

It must be the spirals that attract me. I love spirals and I love to get lost in them. Please don't tell me that is some psychotic phenomenon! ;-)
In that mood I went to do another one of my team browsing tours and guess what I came up with ...

Antiqued sterling silver spiral earrings by Northern Girl Jewelry - isn't the combination of spirals and squares beautiful?

Swirls - metal clay bead on sterling silver necklace by Dream Some Designs. What this lady does with metal clay ... wow!

Artisan sterling silver pendant Chakra 2 by Galadryl Design - it almost looks as if this silver spiral is blooming in beautiful colors, don't you think?

Maybe the next time you pick a snail off one of your flowers, you won't just see the hungry little vermin, but one of nature's very own original designs?

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galadryl said...

I love spirals too, but no snails I have to admit cos my garden is visited by way to many of them *g.
Very nice article, beautiful examples and I love your snail picture, it looks so refreshing.

mcstoneworks said...

Like Sylvia, I love spirals, but snails, not so much. We've had quite a bit of rain the past few weeks and consequently, there is an abundance of snails.

Beautiful spiral jewelry featured.

BeadSire said...

Beautiful story!

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

Great post! Love the spiral jewelry!! ;-)