Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things I Can't Do...

Many different materials and techniques are used in handmade jewelry. This leads to great variety in the types of pieces that are available. This is fabulous, because everyone can find something to suit her/his own taste.

Here are a few jewelry-making techniques that I personally don’t know.

Geometric beadwork by Cindy from Bead Origami

Metal clay by Kristi of Dream Some

Chain maille by Nicole of Nicole Hill

Wire crochet by Cat of Cat’s Wire

Lampwork Glass by Melissa of Melissa Beads

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Nicole said...

It's amazing seeing all the different, complicated techniques that people use to make jewellery - I'm in awe of people who do beadweaving; I'd never have the patience for all those tiny beads!

mcstoneworks said...

What a wide and wonderful spectrum jewelry making covers. These are gorgeous pieces by some very talented artists.

galadryl said...

What a super theme. I agree, Nicole. great to see those different ways to make jewelry on one page. I have to admit apart from chainmailling I can't do the other techniques either *g, btw beautiful examples.

BeadSire said...

I love this perspective on all the various mediums - metal clay was the only one I ticked off - chain maille is next on my list.

Cat said...

There is so much I don't know and I admire everyone who can do it.
There are things I would still like to try, but then again - isn't it great that there are so many different talents out there?

Beadorigami said...

What an eclectic collection of techniques from such talented artists! I also have to admit that I can't do any of these techniques besides beadwork, but I've always admired those who can and do!