Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You're gonna need a bigger boat

What a beautiful day! She had gotten up early to go for a swim all by herself. No husband, no children, just her, the sky that still showed early dawn's muted colors, colorful fish and the ocean. She had been waiting for this vacation for so long and her soul needed it badly.

With long strokes she went through the water when she felt something at her foot. "Sorry, little fish", she said when she suddenly felt it again, a little more urgent.
She had been a teenager of the 70s and an image shot through her head. The girl swimming at night, the tug on her leg and then ....

She couldn't see anything, but the panic rushed through her body now. Nobody had said anything about sharks swimming around here. Had she ever been told how to react IF there was a shark? What a bad joke it seemed now that she wore her beloved shark tooth pendant.

Why hadn't she told anyone where she was going? On the other hand, what good would it do now?
She had always been interested in sharks, fascinated with them, but she was not ready to meet one in his own territory. What about her family? The children ... no, she couldn't allow it. She had to fight while she still could. If only that music would leave her head, and that image of a beautiful, but deadly shark coming at her ...

She could feel his strong presence. Any minute now it would happen. Although it was warm, she began to shiver. Her heart was pounding. There, his head parted the water, came up - and he whistled at her??
It had been a dolphin all along!!

I remember the first time I saw "Jaws". And the second time. And the third time ... you get the drift. This post is as much an homage to the movie as to the beautiful items that helped me illustrate it.

1. Sailing by moonlight is a necklace by Distinction Jewelry showing a beautiful lampwork bead.
2. This acrylic bubble ring by The Family Jewels shows the famous Jaws picture from the movie posters.
3. You can find this way cool sharks tooth necklace at The FamiLee Jewels.
4. Wilson Graphics brings this great shark porthole wall decal to you. Check it out, they got many more fun items like this one!
5. Wouldn't you like to swim with this playful dolphin from Fireballbeads by Islandgirl?

By Cat's Wire

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LindaN said...

Great story and absolutely awesome stuff on pics! Really temting to buy them all, even if i know i can't afford ;-)

mcstoneworks said...

Great story, Cat, and a wonderful tie in with the jewelry selections. I'm glade your damsel in distress didn't get eaten.

tjrjewellery said...

Always enjoy your literary prowess Cat. Good job!

galadryl said...

Super story and very fitting examples, great to read.

BeadSire said...

Awesome story - you always know how to get us in!

Colla said...

What a great story, and to cool how you incorporated the jewelry in it!!

Islandgirl said...

What a cute story! Thanks for including my dolphin bead!

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

Fantastic story Cat...you had me going there, my heart was beating faster. Lovely pics to illustrate your tale.

Bonnie said...

Cat you tell the best stories, and illustrate them beautifully.