Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's May

Can you believe it? A third of the year has already gone by. I would swear I only noticed about half of it. Can't help it, though. May it is, so let's get ready for it.

This month's birthstone is the emerald. The original idea of birthstones is said to be an ancient one while the modern list was defined in 1912.
I wonder if May made them think spring green which then led to the emerald.
Oops, digressing. This post will not educate you about the emerald, we have our expert magpie for that.

What this post is supposed to do is paint a picture of May for you.
Imagine a lush spring meadow in green.

Lotus glass earrings by MC Stoneworks

Bright flowers are growing everywhere, primroses, violets and so many more. Can you feel how the color lifts your spirits?

Floral lampwork beads bracelet by Elegance and Sparkles

Young couples walk hand in hand, love is in the air.

Woven needle lace heart by AM Designs

Now get off your computer and go out there instead before it suddenly isn't May anymore. Don't miss spring, it's one you'll never get back! :-)

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

Beautiful May selections. I can't believe May is already here, either.

Ava said...

Spring is in the air! Love it all, even through my allergies, :)

BeadSire said...

Beautiful examples of spring

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

I really do love spring. Today was an especially beautiful day here in central Florida. Lovely May examples today. :)

galadryl said...

May did come quick this year, didn't it. love your choices, especially the woven heart.

DawninCal said...

Beautiful choices and perfect for Spring!

It finally warmed up here the last few days, but now the wind won't stop blowing which isn't helping anyone's allergies.

Dianne Karg Baron said...

Love the needle lace heart! I'm soo happy that May has finally arrived! I'm enjoying the tulips in my garden :)