Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Style: 1970's Fashion Influence

Do you remember the maxi dress?
Was your closet full of flare leg jeans?
Did you own a jumpsuit?
Or does your only exposure to 70's fashion come from reruns of Charlie's Angels and Three's Company on Nick at Night?

The 1970's are back.
Influencing fashion that is.

2011 fashion trends are feminine and ladylike featuring wider pants and flowing, silky fabrics. Floaty fluid silhouettes are paired with platform shoes and bold chunky jewelry in a girly style called boho chic.
This years wonderful color palette that includes honeysuckle pink, coral rose and beeswax are wonderful in vibrant prints, horizontal stripes and geometric designs.

Let a little retro chic into your life.
Still love your skinny jeans? Add a top with a asymmetric neckline and your big Foster Grants.
Can't let go of your favorite fitted top? Pair it with a pair of wide leg linen pants and some glam dangling earrings.
Maxi dress? Let it shine with heeled sandals and a long chain necklace.
Embrace fringe on your big purse and layer on those bangle bracelets.

Welcome back 70's.
I don't know if I am ready to wear pajama pants out in public, but if I have to see people wearing them in the grocery store I would rather they be satiny and luxe than flannel and covered with cartoon characters.


mcstoneworks said...

Deja vu! I remember the 70's fashion well. Great collection. Thanks for taking us on a stroll down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I do remember them. I was in my teens then. Had the maxi skirts and flares. Yes, and I do remember the super tight jeans. I kept shocking my mum having a bath in my jeans, rubbing them with bleach (cos there were no bleached jeans available for sale where I lived) and letting them dry on my body to have them super tight (and blue legs ;).
Those were the times.
Very nice picks by the way.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Remember them well...not sure I'm ready to revisit some of these fads...too many years have gone by and been added on!

DawninCal said...

I wasn't crazy about the high waisted jeans then and am sure I wouldn't like them now. I loved the shoes of that era and am glad to see them coming back. So cute!

Does anyone remember the gunnysacks line of clothing? If one lived on the left coast and didn't own something gunnysacks related it was like really bad.

Wonderful post, Bonnie...really enjoyed tripping down memory lane.

Cat said...

I remember all of that sooo well. I just missed a picture of my green/orange/yellow striped hot pants that I loved to wear with a zigzag patterned shirt.
Everything was allowed in the 70s and we should be happy if not everything is coming back ;-)
Thank you, Bonnie!

Jeanne said...

OK I grew up in the 70s as a kid and I do not remember clothes looking as good as they do in this group... maybe it was the part of the country I was in or the stores we shopped at, but I remember a lot of brown corduroy, and oranges and yellows (not my fav colors in clothing). LOL My favorite thing from the 70s was clogs. Hands down. I had a pair that I begged and begged my dad to let me get, and he finally did. I wore them until my feet hung off the ends so far that I couldn't walk anymore, and by then you couldn't find a clog to save your life. Great post Bonnie...loved it!

BeadSire said...

What a great montage of the 70's, or could it be 2011??? Fantastic, it certainly was a great era!