Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries

My in-laws recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. You may be familiar with the tradition of giving gold to those celebrating their 50th anniversary. The origin of this tradition resides in medieval Germany, where couples who attained this special milestone were given a wreath of gold by their family and friends.

Many people are also familiar with the tradition of giving silver for the 25th wedding anniversary.

Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings by Shiny Adornments

What you may not know is that the traditional gifts for many other anniversary years are also metals or stones. For example, the traditional gift for the seventh anniversary is copper and that for the eighth is bronze.

Copper Necklace - Magnolia Tree by Nicole Valentine Studio

If you reach your 24th anniversary, traditionally you would be given opals as a gift.

Australian Solid Opan & Mexican Fire Opal Pendant by TJR Jewellery

Pearls were reserved for the 30th anniversary and coral or jade for the 35th.

Coral Choker Necklace by BeadSire

Fortieth anniversaries are traditionally marked by rubies, while the 45th is marked by sapphires.

Silver Wire and Sapphire Crochet Spiral Earrings by Cat's Wire

Should you be fortunate enough to celebrate your 55th wedding anniversary, you could expect emeralds and if you make it to your 60th, diamonds have traditionally been the perfect gift.

Emerald Earrings by Colla

So will you surprise someone with a traditional anniversary gift to mark the big day? 

All jewelry items featured above were created by members of the Starving Jewelry Artists Team. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current shop owner members can be found at and here on ArtFire.


mcstoneworks said...

Exquisite choices that anyone would love - anniversary or not.

ShinyAdornments said...

No kidding! yummy yummy sapphires....



Cat said...

I hope I will BE surprised! :-D

Beautiful pieces, my little earrings are honored to be included.

Carole said...

Or if you are lucky enough to have one of these as a birthstone...

Dianne Karg Baron said...

I'd be happy to receive any of these from my husband :)

Nancy said...

Great choices! Any of these would make a beautiful gift.

Rita alias alatvian said...

Lovely post and a gorgeous collection!

Ava said...

As Mc says these are all exquisite pieces of jewelry. I would happy to receive anyone of them!

Jeanne said...

Ack, hubby and I'll be 82 when we reach the sapphire anniversary! I just told him he better start saving because I expect something dazzling! lol

Colla said...

Great post! Good to know this things.. :)
I'd accept any of this even before the anniversary though, that's how generous i am ;)
Thanks for including my earrings :)