Friday, July 3, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Casual Gal sez: Free shipping on everything all of the time in my Etsy store!!

SATeam sez: We are so there!

The FamiLee Jewels sez: School's out for the summer, let the Vacations begin! In celebration of summertime fun The FamiLee Jewels is offering 15% off of all our beach glass jewelry and fabric bangles.

SATeam sez: We love beach glass!

Twisted Sister Arts Woven Wire Jewelry sez: Here's a piece that I listed this weekend, with the new silver braid I had custom woven for me: Woven Wire Necklace with Cubic Zirconia Octagon and Trillion Cut Stones in Silver Princess Royale No 3

SATeam sez: How did you DO that?!?!?! WOW!

The Blue Dress sez: I have some new listings also: All Wrapped Up, Odd Man Out Necklace-sterling silver and 14K gold, and Flowies-copper and red garnet post earrings-free shipping

SATeam sez: OOOOooooooohhhhhhhh . . . .

Wirestorm Creations sez: I sold my little silver Picasso Owl last nite! So I had to make another one of those.

SATeam sez: WooOT!!!

Maribelle Campa Handcrafted Jewelry sez: have been very busy trying to create some stacking rings, some with turquoise!! Please, take a look!

SATeam sez: we need some of those!

Northern Girl Jewelry sez: Listed a pair of earrings. They are simple, but I just love kyanite.

SATeam sez: we love kyanite, too!

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galadryl said...

Wonderful jewelry everyone. I just love the stacking rings and the wire pendant. Thx Cindy to keep us up-to-date.

Bonnie said...

These are some very tempting new works of art. Those stacked rings are terrific! Must go shopping, must go shopping............

Leilani said...

What great (and tempting) offers!!