Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's up at the Starving Artists Forum?

SATeam has a home in the Starving Artists Forum and we'd like to share it with our blog readers. Here are a few brief descriptions, with links, to give you a taste of the scope and diversity of the Starving Artists forum. We'd love to have you join us.

At the Starving Artists Forum, there's always someone willing to help, and there are several sections where people can go to get help. Today, we're going to list just a few of them. If you are new to Starving Artists, you might find that these sections are a good place to get your questions answered.

Are you having trouble getting the perfect picture? Hop on over to the Take Your Best Shot! section, where you'll find discussions on:

Is there something you need that you just can't find? Put a message in Starving Artists Help, where can I find...? section, and someone is sure to know, as these members discovered:

Are you building your first website, or has your HTML gone wonky? Are you new to blogging or social networking and finding it all just too much to take in? Starving Artists has some wonderfully web savvy members who are willing to share their expertise, as these members discovered in these threads:

And, last but not least, The Starving Artists Forum is a big place, and sometimes we all need a little help getting around or finding things. If you're new to the forum, bookmark the Questions about the Forum section. You'll be glad you did!

That's just a brief taste of what's happening this week on the forum. Every week brings new information, ideas, friendship and, of course, eye candy. Come join us, and get to know the members of SATeam and their friends on the Starving Artists Forum.

The Starving Artists Forum features Artisan handmade creations by the Etsy Starving Artists jewelry team, and many others. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current etsy shop owner members can be found at


Leilani said...

I love these weekly sneak peeks! Great way to see what's new & what everyone is discussing. :)

Bonnie said...

That's a great compilation. I need to look more into the archives.

Lisa Holley said...

great blog,love it

Stacie said...

For the longest time....every time I've had a question about anything from supplies, to techniques to photography...the SA Forum is THE place to go to get answers from some of the nicest peeps around!