Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it ...

... my HAIR!
When I go to my hairdresser's, he'll look at me and say "What are we going to do today?" I give him a look back in the mirror and he'll say "As much as necessary, as little as possible." And I nod. The hairdresser before him (he moved, so I had to look for a new one) often tried to convince to try something new, unconventional, sassy. Poor guy, I wonder if he was very frustrated by me. The one now is smarter or maybe not as ready for discussion? ;-)
The hair up there is mine by the way, a few years ago, though. I have darkened back to my original color because I didn't want to stay blond and copper all my life. It takes time to get those blond strands grown out!

Often I get asked about the great things I can do with my hair. Well, I can't, it's too heavy for me to do it all by myself. My sister once put my hair up with lots of hairpins, but I was afraid to move my head! Still I absolutely love to look at bands and ribbons and pins and so I took the liberty and browsed SATeam's shops for you a bit.
Here is what I have found.

Look at this beautiful hair wine by Alatvian for example. I would totally wear that for a big night out.

For You Designs takes you back to when you put a flower behind your ear for the very first time. This flower is attached to a pin to hold it in your hair safely. It comes in different colors, but my favorite is the bronze one.

Have you ever been to a Ren Faire? I haven't, but I would like to. Although strictly this is an elven headdress, I think I could wear it there, too. It's beautiful chainmaille from Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements.

That's not all I have found for my hair and I'm sure if you look for it you'll find something for yours as well. Have fun!

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mcstoneworks said...

I'm jealous, Cat. Your hair is gorgeous. I love the color. I tried being a strawberry blonde, but my hair has too much natural gold in it. It always faded to blonde after a couple of weeks.

Great hair accessories. Just goes to show you, that jewelry has many applications.

faeriiidust said...

I just recently had my hair cut from almost bum length to just below my shoulders - I love my new look! B.C. (before Cut) I always kept it in a pony tail. Boring. Now it's sassy and it would be great to use any of these hair accessories to jazz it up even more!

BeadSire said...

Wow - stunning! Both your hair and the adornments! Great post.

Bonnie said...

That's some long hair Cat! Beautiful hair accessories too.