Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inside the stone ....

Light can be pollution. Have you ever tried to see the starry sky if there is a disco close by sending their laser rays into the sky?
Light can be useful, like the small LED lights in our motion detectors which are supposed to guide me down the stairway without tripping over a murderous cat or two.
Light can also be beautiful. The light falling through our stained glass window, the warm light of my desk lamp in the dark room, the Northern Lights (that I only know from images, and still they leave me breathless).

As a jewelry addict I like to stare at the sparkle in my gemstones. I can sit on a train on a sunny day and hold my hands to the window to admire the little lights dancing in my rings or a bracelet.
A while ago we visited a small natural history museum in a village nearby. They had a tourmaline exhibition and it made me wonder ... what would it be like to be inside a gemstone that is hit by the light? Inside a multi-colored tourmaline for example?

This painting by JenniferxLeighxArt represents beautifully what my fantasy is showing me. Pink, green, bursts of light ...

To help your fantasy taking you over I picked some lovely pieces of jewelry using tourmaline.

Rainbow of tourmaline necklace by Distinction Jewelry

Dangle bracelet with tourmaline by Northern Girl Jewelry

Tourmaline necklace by A J Design Jewelry

Now close your eyes - can you see the colors and lights surrounding you ... dancing?

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

Wonderful to imagine the inside of a gemstone. Love the visuals you provided. Great post.

galadryl said...

Tourmaline is so beautiful. Great theme, love your article. Thx.

BeadSire said...

Fascinating post from a different perspective!

tjrjewellery said...

Pretty examples Cat!