Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Challenge 2010

Written by Bonnie from The FamiLee Jewels

The October Challenge topic was inspired by the Starving Jewelry Artists' recent Ugly Bead Challenge and the September Blog Carnival topic about Recycling.

We were tasked to take a piece of jewelry that we were not satisfied with and to give it a makeover. The purpose of the challenge is not to have a competition and declare winners, but to stretch our imaginations and design abilities, making us think in new directions.

Take a look at the lovely new Swans that we have rescued from obscurity.

Galadryl was the first to post.

Her before was beautiful but unable to be reused because of the customization.
She turned it into an amazing Viking pendant to keep for herself.

Way to go Sylvia. Your makeover is complete.

Danagonia took a soldered leaf necklace
and enhanced its beauty with the addition of a sheet metal leaf background and faceted emerald beads.
She has created a stand out necklace full of texture and visual interest.

Thanks for playing Camilla your work is always a delight to see.

The project from The FamiLee Jewels collection was one that has bothered me for a while.

It was an ocean themed necklace from early in my wire wrapping experience.
It has been separated into 2 necklaces, each one enhanced with the addition of beads and silver.

Paint by Faith jumped aboard with a very interesting transformation.

She chose part of a pendant from her scrap bucket which was ruined by overheating, and fixed it with more fire.

I think she has discovered a new technique because the result is fabulous.

VioletMoon played with earrings, turning this glitzy and glam pair into classic beauties.

Beautiful work Carina.

J3Jewelry didn't enter this piece into the competition but it was such a transformation that I pulled it out of her thread.

A commission piece wasn't going well for her so she sought advice on the forum. Look what that collaboration created.

Jeanne is happy and the client loves it. Win for everyone.

I hope everyone had a wonderful month full of creativity and inspiration. Will you consider playing along for the November exercise?

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faeriiidust said...

Nice work everyone!

mcstoneworks said...

What beautiful transformations. Great job ladies.

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Wow, gorgeous pieces!!!

Carole said...

The transformations are impressive. Great jobs, everyone.

Willow Branch said...

The transformations are simply amazing!!