Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Graham Greene said: "The world is not black and white. More like black and grey."

I like grey. Although I like to look at white, I'd still always go for the black and grey. I wonder if Greene knew me.
Of course there are beautiful greys out there. Often they are much more effective than black or white. I'm not counting the dust bunnies in my house, even if they are grey. Hm, and quite effective in reproducing. No, sorry, I'm digressing.
What I mean is that grey is not as harsh as a white can be and obviously not as dark as black which makes it the perfect in between.

Let's take a look at some lovely greys. I can hardly imagine you won't fall in love with them. I did. (Shhh, and know what? Free shipping on all of them ...)

Obsidian, sodalite and sterling silver. If you like the bracelet in that stunning combination, you'll find it in the shop of Nicole Hill.

Czech glass and sterling silver were used in these beautiful earrings by RFefie Collection.

I love how Northern Girl Jewelry let this grey porcelain jasper almost stand by itself. The minimalistic wire wrapping is perfect for that great stone.

Thanks to Watercolors by Gabriella Fiabane for letting me use this watercolor "Approaching Storm". It makes me want to just watch and enjoy.

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

I like gray too. It has such a pretty range from silvery to charcoal. Beautiful jewelry examples.

galadryl said...

Lovely jewelry pieces, the water colour painting is beautiful.I was staring at it,waiting for the clouds to move.

BeadSire said...

Beautiful examples to match the story.

Ramona said...

I luv grays too. And I have to agree the watercolor painting is a beauty...I thought I saw a cloud move, lol. My imagination for sure, but it's so pretty one can almost "see" it move. :)

Carole said...

And there are so many shades of gray, everyone should be able to find one that they love.

G Fiabane said...

Lovely! I like grey too, it's the understated but elegant color. Thanks Cat.

Bonnie said...

Nice examples of an often maligned color. Gray can be beautiful and these prove it.

Cassie said...

Such elegant, beautiful pieces!