Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Favorite Things, Teil Drei

My Favorite Things collection continues with more beautiful handmade jewelry.

Did you know that the Starving Artists team has members that live in all corners of the world? Yep, we are a very international group with diverse backgrounds and we speak many different languages. You might have noticed (and wondered about) some strange words in my post titles lately. "Teil Drei" is German for "part three". And "partie deux" on Thursday was French for "part two". Stay tuned to find out what language comes next.

For now, let's go ogle some wonderful eye candy.

I love these kyanite and sterling silver earrings by Galadryl Design. The colour and shape of the stones is so pretty, and the sterling frame really draws attention to the stones. I could see these becoming someone's favorite pair of earrings.

I love stones with character and this peach and cream agate pendant by Angie's Jewelry Design has that in spades. Angie's wrapping compliments the stone without hiding any of its beauty. This piece is so soft and feminine.

Speaking of stones with character, check out this Zebra Rock Pendant by Beadles and Stones. It is sure to be an attention getter. The simple silver setting really does this stone justice.

This broom cast Fire Opal Pendant by TJR Jewellery could really change my view about the colour orange. I love the organic flow of the silver pendant and the gorgeous faceted stone in that eye popping colour just makes this piece a "Wow!"

This sterling pendant by AM Designs by Angela makes me feel happy. It's so light and airy and the bubbles just flow so well. This is the type of piece that I could wear every day.

Isn't this little mushroom by Willow Branch Musings so cute? It's such an unexpected piece. I love the whimsy and sense of adventure behind it.

The SATeam Holiday Wrist Candy Giveaway 2010 is on until November 28th. If you haven't yet entered the draw to win the beautiful flower themed charm bracelet, see here for all the details and the complete list of participating shops.

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mcstoneworks said...

Beautiful designs. Love all of them.

The internet has opened the world to friendships that would have never been possible before. It is fascinating, how many countries, members of SJA are from.

We all share the common bond of making and learning about jewelry.

Cat said...

I agree, such a talented group!
You picked great pieces once again.

galadryl said...

Beautiful selection, the broom casted pendant is superb.

Erika Price said...

Great post, and yes, isn't it fantastic how the internet can bring so many geographically distant but like-minded people together - from all parts of the globe?! I'm from Cambridge in the UK, by the way :)

And thanks for sharing your choices!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful collection!

tjrjewellery said...

Great mushroom! Yup - SATeam is one big, international family!

Cassie said...

Beautiful items from such talented people!