Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Malus domestica

What do you know about Malus domestica. About what? The apple! I'm not talking about the company, not about Apple Records, I'm also not talking about the Big Apple New York, what I mean is the "pomaceous fruit of the apple tree", one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits.
I found out a few things about the apple.

7500 varieties are grown throughout the world (anyone here who has tried them all?).

A medium apple has about 80 calories.

Apples are a member of the rose family (Rosaceae). (Dear men, don't think you can come home with a bunch of apples instead of roses now!)

The largest apple picked weighed three pounds (I wonder how many calories that one had?)

The "Flower of Kent" is a large green skinned apple variety, and is thought to have been the variety that struck Sir Isaac Newton (thank you, "Flower of Kent" ;-)).

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an old Welsh saying, but really one apple is not enough. Make it three.

Women eat more apples than men (not me, I'm afraid).

If you cross Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie, you get Elstar, one of the most loved apples. (Funny, the "father sort" was Ingrid Marie ...)

Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie (great, now I am craving pie).

Apples come in all shades of green, reds and yellows, but for this post I chose some adorable apple green pieces! (What do you mean, you noticed??)

By Cat's Wire

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Carole said...

I love apples, but 700 varieties? Wow! Those are some gorgeous stones, which now that you point it out, do resemble apples in color.

N Valentine Studio said...

I just fell in love with honey comb apples YUM!

Ramona said...

I love apples too! And I love every piece selected here.

faeriiidust said...

I *love* the colour of chrysoprase! It's one of my favourite stones!

BeadSire said...

I adore apples ... Cat, you had been intriuged from whoa to go.