Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorite Things

Recently I saw an interview with the cast from the film The Sound of Music, in honour of the 45th anniversary of the movie. Although this movie is older than I am, I love it and have since I first saw it as a little girl. I watch it every year. Fifteen years ago when I was in Salzburg, the city where the movie was filmed, I even went on the Sound of Music Tour.

During the interview that I saw, many snippets from the movie were played, including many of the songs. Since then, I've had many of the songs stuck in my head. I know them all, my challenge is just that I can't sing on-key. One song in particular has been playing over and over in my mind - My Favorite Things. Apparently, that one is the first scene that the children actors filmed with Julie Andrews. I'm guessing that you can now see them all dancing around the room in their pyjamas, singing about whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages tied up with string.

I've decided to share some of my favorite things from the shops that are participating in the SATeam Wrist Candy Holiday Giveaway. Many shops are participating, so I'll share over the course of several posts. For the full list of participating shops and all the details for the bracelet giveaway, please see this post.

I love this dragonfly pin by Twining Vine Designs. Dragonflies are my favorite insect, they have such beautiful colours and interesting patterns on their wings. Leigh has really succeeded at recreating a beautiful dragonfly out of wire. And if I were to wear this pin, it would be as though one had landed on me, which I love.

Isn't this black and white focal lampwork glass bead by Melissa Beads just gorgeous? I love how the black glass flows through the white glass. Melissa calls it Moon Dance which is a perfect fit I think.

I am always amazed by the pieces in Bead Origami's shop. Such skill and precision must be required to make her beaded beads. Who knew that math could be beautiful? Cindy shows us that it can with these purple and silver pearl teardrop earrings. I just love these purple pearls.

The coiled shape of the pendant in this piece really appeals to me. It's perfectly complimented by the deep red garnet necklace. Rambling Rose Designs shows us that simple doesn't mean plain.

The deep cobalt colour of this rosary is gorgeous! And a perfect choice as blue is the colour associated with Mary. This handcrafted rosary by Kadydid would make a wonderful keepsake for a devoted catholic.

Go ahead, explore their shops and pick out which items are your favorites. I bet you can't pick just one!

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Cat said...

Absolutely beautiful choices!
And can you believe it, I have never seen "The Sound of Music".

Ramona said...

...brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things...when the dog bites,when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad...

Lol, oh man, I remember that song when I sang it in a voice class years and years ago. Of course, I only have seen snippets of the Sound of Music. So don't feel bad about never seeing it.

Hey, I was in Austria about 15 years ago too! Maybe we were there at the same time, lol. Actually, I missed that tour, it was closed when I was in the area. Couple friends and I were riding bikes there...instead of taking a tour (rolling eyes), what a mistake. Ahhh, well.

I love that pin as well...and that bead...well, they are all great selections!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, brought back memories...Mehhhhhmory,turn your face to the moonlight...

Lol, actually, I'm not really a musical type person, I just happen to know a bit here and there, and songs I had to sing when in that voice class. I must say though, it didn't quite help my singing that much, LOL.

Bonnie said...

Those are beautiful pieces. No wonder you have favorited them.

BeadSire said...

Wonderful selections to compliment a beautiful story - Cat, we'll have to educate you!

Beadorigami said...

What an awesome collection! I'm really digging Melissa's elegant lampwork bead. Thanks for mentioning my earrings with such kind words!

Erika Price said...

Lovely choices! I remember the film soooo well - when I was at boarding school we were allowed a trip to the cinema to celebrate classmates birthdays. However, the choices were strictly vetted and usually "feel-good" musicals, so I think I saw The Sound of Music and Carousel about 15 times each, LOL!

mcstoneworks said...

I've never seen the Sound of Music either, but definitely know the music from it.

Beautiful selections.

Kady said...

I love the Sound of Music! I never miss it when it's on.

Thank you for including my necklace and rosary in your list of favorite things!!