Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's time to panic. Or isn't it?

I know it's too late now. I should have started earlier, but noooo ... it's still so far away, right? Well, I'll tell you a secret, guys. It's not. It's just around the corner. The chocolate Santa Claus on my desk should have warned me, but since they started throwing out those in late August (not that I myself would buy them then), my time feeling is all messed up.

Now what?
I could panic. I am great at panicking. I roll my eyes, whimper, yell at innocent furniture - like my desk - and at chocolate figures. Guess what? I bit his head off. Now that'll teach him.
Not that it helps me a lot.
The solution? Gift certificates. Embarrassing, true. However sometimes it's the way to go and if you choose gift certificates to the right places, I'm sure you'll easily be forgiven.

How lucky that SATeam shops offer gift certificates.
So your loved one could for example choose these beautiful earrings from RioRita's shop.

Or this simple, but stunning wire bangle that Dianne Karg Baron is offering in her shop maybe?

Maybe you think this could be the desired item - Bubbles on a Wire by Twining Vine Design.

Oh, and by the way, if you feel like giving me something, I'd be more than happy with a gift certificate ;-) Maybe for bribing me to stop my rambling ...

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

Great idea for procrastinators.

Bonnie said...

Great idea for those last minute shoppers, and for anyone with a little room left in their stocking.

BeadSire said...

Definitely a winner ...

tjrjewellery said...

Any of them would make good presents!