Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year resolutions


I don't make resolutions anymore. I started about 5 million diets on New Year, mostly with a piece of chocolate cake or some other low calorie food. I cleaned my kitchen right after I had lunch (which was prepared in my sister's kitchen which helped to make my cleaning much, much easier, almost obsolete). I did some very thorough hunts for dust bunnies, but you have to understand they look so cute with their shiny little eyes, I had to let them go.

Then I found there is something that makes me re-think my opinion about resolutions, actually some things.
I am talking about the resolution to learn new things and what could be better than learning some new techniques which the following artists already have mastered?
Wanna take a look with me?

Chainmaille - it's something that looks fascinating to me. I have no idea if I would have the patience to do it. Galadryl does, here's proof.

I am afraid of seed beads. It's absolutely fine the way I use them in my own designs, but in order to do what Gwenbeads does I would need a biiiiig resolution, patience and much, much experience. This pair of earrings is an absolute favorite of mine.


I have done wirewrapping, but to learn and to do it in this perfection would be resolution #3. I bow in front of Dianne Karg Baron who created this beautiful pendant.

Where will these resolutions lead me? I don't know, maybe nowhere, maybe into the realm of the dust bunnies. Hope springs eternal, though, and these resolutions are worth a bit of hope, don't you think?

By Cat's Wire

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Bonnie said...

Great examples of some desireable techniques to learn. i'll pledge to these New Years resolutions.

BeadSire said...

I have enjoyed dabbling in other mediums this year - and will continue to expand next year, there are so many wonderful techniques to learn and try.

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

I haven't made resolutions before but this year I am tackling 52 weeks of blogging and a day to day crafting book. These all look interesting too!

faeriiidust said...

Thank you for your kind words, and for including my pendant in this wonderful post! Happy New Year!

Islandgirl said...

Fun choices... and I agree trying new techniques is one of the few resolutions that I would/will be able to keep up!

Thanks for the inspriration!

MmeMagpie said...

This year, for a change, I am beginning with specific goals. Achievable and small goals that will add up to something big. No more of these big, nebulous ideas.