Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'm a very tactile person. When I walk into a space that is new to me, I go around touching things and picking things up. It helps me to "see" them better, and to get to know them more. My sister laughs when I do this because she uses her eyes to process that same information.

Because the sense of touch is so important to me, I am often drawn to objects that have texture. Texture makes things more exciting. It's not just visually interesting, it also allows me to use my sense of touch when discovering the object. The information I get from my fingers is different than what I get from my eyes.

Texture adds depth and dimension to things. Imagine if we lived in a world that was devoid of texture, where everything was just smooth and flat. Wouldn't that be boring?

Fortunately, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to texture and many artisans use it generously in their work.

Venus Secret Organic Ring by Rio Rita

Hair Pins - White Flowers by A Latvian

Alice Necklace by Two Chicks Too

Oriental Flair by Galadryl Designs

Midnight Rainbow Obsidian Earrings by Pixie's Treasure Chest

Sun Kissed Roses by 2 Belles and a Bead

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Cat said...

That's a great post!

BeadSire said...

Beautiful selections, I love texture!

tjrjewellery said...

Nice examples of texture from SATeam members!

N Valentine Studio said...

I love texture! It's almost impossible for me NOT to texture a metal piece.

Cassie said...

Beautiful textured pieces!