Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebrating Colour

I visited Mexico for the first time over the holidays. Something that struck me right away was the presence of bright, vibrant colours everywhere I looked. It was in the landscape: the water was a gorgeous turquoise blue, the plants a rich green, the flowers provided bright pops of colour and the birds were all colours of the rainbow, including yellow, orange, red and indigo blue.

Yucatan Jay

The rich, bright colours were everywhere else too, seemingly woven into the fabric of life in Mexico. It was there in the buildings, the markets, the food, and the crafts made by artisans.

Photo by Darij & Ana

Photo by Darij & Ana

Photo by Christine Zenino

What was surprising at times was the mix of bright colours. A single artisan-made object might have purple, green, yellow and blue in it. That may sound like it should look garish, but it didn’t. Instead, it was joyful and felt like a celebration, a celebration of life.

Photo by Christine Zenino

At this time of year here in Canada, there is a definite lack of colour on the landscape. I really felt the winter blahs upon my return home. This week I selected bright and cheerful items that remind me of Mexico and that provide hope that eventually winter will end.

Bracelet with Red Carnelian and Yellow Aragonite Leaves by Pixie's Treasure Chest

Harvest - Copper Filigree Cone/Fall Flower Earrings by MC Stoneworks

Beach Ball Beaded Lampwork and Silver Necklace by Melissa Vess

Fish Charms by Dianne Karg Baron

Lampwork Earring Beads - Peach Sorbet by N Valentine Studio 

Multicoloured Clown - Glass Bead by My Precious

Custom Confetti Wire Wrapped Ring by Crysallis Creations 

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by Northern Girl


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

I went to Mexico last year and loved all the color, and the people! It's a pretty inspiring place!

Bonnie said...

Those beautiful colors and fabulous pictures certainly brightened my day! I feel warmer just looking at them.

mcstoneworks said...

Beautiful vibrant colors. Mexico is a very colorful place. Thank you for sharing your pics.

faeriiidust said...

Oh I hear ya about the winter blahs in Canada! I've been looking wistfully at my photos from last summer and can't wait for the winter white landscape to be gone!

Ness said...

Gorgeous, really brightened my day!

Cat said...

Great post!

BeadSire said...

Love the array of colours, great post.

tjrjewellery said...

The pictures are great - such beautiful, rich colours!

Erika Price said...

Fabulously colourful photos! I've never been to Mexico but this amazing article has got me planning a trip!

Stacie @ said...

Lovin' all the color!!!