Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Sales from SATeam members

January is the month of sales. And it's no different with our fabulous team members. Check out these wonderful listings - now on sale!

These beautiful swarovski earrings are 25% off - plus Erika has lots of other goodies with lowered prices as well.

Pixestreasurechest is having a January sale. Among the goodies are these pretty earrings.

Show you care - with this breast cancer spinner ring. On sale from NValentineStudio 

Lavalleygirly has these gorgeous night sky sterling earrings on sale in her shop.

So if you have any money left from your Christmas shopping, now is the time to spend it!

Have fun shopping - Danagonia

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Koolbraider said...

Those Swarovski clusters are like tiny ice drops. Lovely.

Cat said...

Great picks, great prices! :-D

Stacie @ said...

Fantastic! And on sale to boot!

BeadSire said...

Beautiful selections, so hard to resist!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful sale items. These are too good to pass over!