Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome More New and Returning Members

There are some additional new and returning members to the Starving Artists Team to introduce again this week.  Please join me in welcoming these members. 

New Members:

Cathleen from McLain Jewelry makes one of a kind pieces, with a special focus on sculptural pins.  She works with sterling silver, bronze, brass and copper and gives her pieces wonderful patinas. 

I love this sterling silver and married metals pin brooch.  The rich colours of the metals contrast beautifully with the purple dichroic glass accent. 

Sterling Silver and Married Metals Pin Brooch by McLain Jewelry

Becky from Redbird Jewelry lives in Surrey in the UK.  She works primarily in silver and copper  and uses wire to make many of her own components.   

I love this necklace.  Flow is the perfect title for it, don't you think?  It's simple, elegant and those beautiful curves make it wonderfully feminine.

Flow - Sterling Silver Necklace by Red Bird Jewellery

Returning Members:

These ladies are not brand new to the SATeam, having been members in the past.  But they have been away from the team for a while and we are very happy to welcome them back to the group. 

Kay from Popnicute has recently moved to the US from Indonesia.  She creates unique jewelry using argentium silver and copper wire and sheet. 

I love how light and airy Kay's Autumn Flowers Necklace looks.  The crystals give this lovely copper piece a bit of extra bling. 

Autumn Flowers Necklace by Popnicute

Heather, from Studio DTQ has had a lifelong love affair with jewelry.  A winter of cabin fever and a plastic necklace and earring kit belonging to her young daughter eventually led to her the wonderful world of creating her own jewelry. 

I love the bright colour of these Luscious Candy Jade Copper Earrings.  You might not typically think of pairing this colour with copper, but Heather demonstrates here that this is a winning combination. 

Luscious Candy Jade and Copper Earrings by Studio DTQ

Featuring artisan handmade creations by the Starving Artists jewelry team. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current shop owner members can be found at and here on Artfire.


AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Great introductions of some very talented jewelry artists...Welcome and Welcome Back to the SATeam!

Jeanne said...

Yay - welcome back y'all! heheh That's my adopted southern speak comin' out. SATeam is blessed with so many talented men and women, it practically boggles the mind!

Caron Michelle said...

Welcome to the team to both new and returning members - gorgeous selections and a fabulous post.

mcstoneworks said...

Nice to have you all as new and returning members of the SATeam. Beautiful examples of your work.

Cat said...

Welcome (back), ladies!
Lovely choices of your items, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you (again), beautiful jewelry.

Happileerving said...

Welcome and welcome back. I think this team will accomplish great things this year.

Koolbraider said...

Welcome back and to new members. The candy jade earrings are a bright spot in this cold winter.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! I really like the pieces. Popincute, you have such a fun design aesthetic!

Anonymous said...

Great pieces everyone! Popincute, you have such a fun design aesthetic!!

DawninCal said...

Beautiful work from some very talented ladies.

Welcome to the team whether you are new or returning. This kind of talent only makes the team better!

Unknown said...

thanks for featuring me on the blog and the great welcome - glad to be on board!

Ness said...

Welcome to the team (or welcome back) wishing you all a successful 2011!

Kharisma Sommers said...

Yay! Thanks for the welcome :D I think it would really benefit all members if the studios and items featured are hotlinked ;) would help a bunch with SEO and web visibility :D

Unknown said...

Welcome to the team Cathleen and Becky... and welcome back Kay and Heather! I love the items picked to represent our members... very nice!