Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Challenge

Every month members of the Starving Artists Team are invited to stretch their skills and their imaginations by participating in a specific challenge.

January's quest was to try something new for the New Year.

What could we come up with using a new technique, a new material or a new cool new tool.

Santa brought TheFamiLeeJewels some leather tools that included a multi hole punch and rivet setter.

I turned reclaimed salvage store leather goods into these new cuffs. In keeping with the spirit of recycling the paper that forms the background of the resin pieces are stamps from Paraguay. They were a lovely bonus from when our very own Colla sent her charms for the Holiday Wrist Candy Bracelet Giveaway.


Talk about cool tools! Get ready to drool.

Galadryl's Dad got her a rolling mill for Christmas as well as a "Belichtungsbox" (a light box for etching metals).

Sylvia made fantastic patterns on copper and sterling silver then turned those patterns into earrings.

Lynne's creativity was sparked by a set of oval mandrels for jump rings. Lynn hand cuts rings for chain maille projects. Look at the beautiful bracelet and necklace our IslandGirl made by combining her own glass beads with round and oval jump rings that she cut to complement them.

Brave Caron accepted the challenge of working with itty bitty seed beads. Her loom arrived just in time. I think that Beadsire can add another talent to her list. This colorful and intricate cuff was her first!

Are you ready for a challenge?

Not a challenge with voting and prizes,

but one to stimulate your creativity

and make you think in a different way?

I invite you to play along in February when our challenge will involve Love and Romance of course.

Written by Bonnie Lee


Red Bird Jewellery said...

eeek - ok I'm in! What brilliant makes (and tools!) well done you guys.

Jeanne said...

What wonderful work you all have done, doing something new. Now let me go hide since I forgot about the challenge...I knew something was tickling the back of my mind about this month.....

Islandgirl said...

Great article & lovely work!.... My mother used to do leather work so I have lots of snaps and scraps and a few tools that I got when I was cleaning out the house in October! So far I have no desire to add leather work to my repertoire.

Not sure about love & romance... we'll have to see!

mcstoneworks said...

Wow! You ladies made some gorgeous pieces. I'm so jealous of the cool tools you all got for Christmas.

FeatheredGems said...

Nice work, everybody!

BeadSire said...

Great write up Bonnie - fabulously put together, love reading about everyone else's experiences and experiments!

tjrjewellery said...

Nice to see how people are using their new tools!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Well done everyone!
Would love to participate in the next challenge.
Please, let me know the deadline!
Thank you!

StudioDTQ said...

Stretching your creativity to include a new technique is a rewarding and empowering experience. I am impressed with everyone's willingness to share their results as well. Wonderful surprises eveyrone!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! I'm looking forward to learning repousse. Thanks for the challenge!

Great work by the way, everyone! I'm very jealous as I would absolutely love a rolling mill!! Lucky girl, how fun!

Cassie said...

Stunning work you guys! I'm also jealous of some of the great tools that some of you got! Some day...!

Cat said...

Whoa, that is amazing!
Well done, all of you!!

DawninCal said...

The leather cuffs are gorgeous and the rest of you ladies had stunning results using your new tools.

I love everything!