Sunday, June 28, 2009

Confessions of an Etsy Addict

By Jenifer Smith of The Family Jewels

Jenifer stands up and turns to face the crowd in front of her. "Hello. My name is Jenifer and I am an Etsy addict."

It's true. It's a fact I tried to deny for so long now, but my family has seen it for a while and I have finally come to terms and have opened my eyes to the truth.

It all started so innocently. I dabbled with a shop like so many people, just to try and see what it was like. Then I started to get a sale or two. Man, that feeling was just incredible. I thought that I could be good with that feeling every now and then, but then the sales started coming in more frequently. I quickly discovered that the more sales I got, the more sales I wanted. It was never enough! Watching those number of sales go up just gets my heart pumping and I just want to shout, "WOOOHOOOO!!", and I often do!

I use to only renew once or twice a day, but my renewing habit has quickly grown to 10 to 13 times a day, and I have to "check" my shop at least 1 or 2 times in between each of those renewals.

I stay up till ALL hours of the night just to catch an elusive treasury!

When I was at an art show the other day, I spent half of my time dying to check my shop and to renew something. I've even convinced my husband that I'll eventually have to buy a Blackberry so that I can maintain my habit even while I'm out.

Every time Etsy is down for maintenance, I watch those same silly videos for HOURS, then I go to Twitter and tweet about Etsy being down and I go to the SJA forum and post about how much it sucks!

I live Etsy, I sleep Etsy, I daydream Etsy, I talk Etsy. I truly am 100% completely and utterly addicted to Etsy.

My poor family. I feel bad that they should have to live with this addiction. Guess I'll have to go browsing on Etsy to find them all some fabulous handmade make-up gifts! lolol!

Enjoy our lives, fellow Etsy addicts! I know I sure do!!!

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Bonnie said...

Jenifer I can so totally relate. Congratulations on all of your sales and on the way your shop has grown.

casualgal said...

Boy, that hits home!! Where do we meet - underground or do we have to admit it out in the open?

Cat said...

I wonder if I'll ever get there - just reserve a chair for me, will you? ;-)

Laurel said...

I SOOOOO hear ya girly!!!

Leilani said...

Too funny! I can totally understand, although I haven't reached the point of obsession (yet!). ;)