Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gemstone Properties

It can be fun to pick your jewelry according to your moods; it might even help you out to wear certain stones when you're engaged in certain activities. Various gemstones are said to have metaphysical and healing properties; we don't know if that is true or not, but here's a list of a few gemstones, beginning with the letter A, and the properties that they are supposed to embody:

Adventurine (Aventurine) is a good luck stone, said to be particularly useful in financial matters. It is said to stimulate creativity, intelligence and perception. It is also known as a healing stone; it is supposed to give one a sense of mental and emotional well-being.

Agate is said to provide general protection and healing. When worn, it increases courage, self-confidence, and energy. Some say that it promotes longevity. It is also good for gardening. We're going to give it a try and put an agate pebble in our pocket the next time we pull weeds!

Amazonite is supposed to help clarify and improve thinking; we're thinking that it's a good gift for a recent hight school graduate who is going on to college.

Amber promotes healing. It also provides protection from negativity, and increases attractiveness and energy. That sounds like something most everyone could use!

Amethyst has many properties. It is said to increase vivid dreams, so should be worn at night with caution. It is also supposed to help relieve depression, as it promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. In addition, it just might help with addiction and relieve stress. We admire the beauty of amethyst, and agree that looking at it helps us relax!

Apatite is supposed to help those who stutter. It is also said to help relieve hypertension. In addition, it is said to reduce guilt and grief. We'd like to have a worry stone in apatite.

Aquamarine is rumored to improve sight. It is also said to sharpen the mind, and to calm and clarify emotions. We agree that aquamarine is a very tranquil stone to look at and hold; we love to wear it.

Aragonite is said to ground and center it's wearers; it is believed to help them to face truth and reality. We'd like to give aragonite to our teenagers!

Azurite is believed to increase psychic ability and is often used as an aid to meditation. It is also said to relieve arthritis and joint pain. Perhaps it should be worn as a ring or a bracelet?

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galadryl said...

Wow, those are wonderful items you have chosen. Didn't know gemstones could be that much fun. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Holley said...

very nice.i really like this one..

Barb Macy said...

Great theme, Cindy! Nice work!

Bonnie said...

Great article. I like to think about their metaphysical properties when combining stones and admit to changing a design or two to include another energy. I love the examples you chose,they make for an interesting read.

Leilani said...

Beautiful run down of "A" named stones. This is exactly why I love gemstones & work with them.