Friday, June 19, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Accent Yourself sez: I've been increasing my beach glass collection and have found a lot of new stuff recently. . . I will offer FREE SHIPPING on any custom beach glass designs.

SATeam sez: We hear that Barb has found even more beach glass since that photo was taken!

Two Belles & a Bead sez: we'll be expanding our stamped jewelry line soon. We have a second font now and have some cool ideas coming up.

SATeam sez: We can't wait to see what you do next!

Prolifique sez: Prolifique is in the July issue of BeadStyle Magazine! The necklace shown on page 72 in the July 2009 issue is made with Prolifique's 3/4" and 1.5" hammered rings!

SATeam sez: Congratulations, Prolifique on more than 2,000 sales! People know quality when they see it!

Elegance and Sparkles sez: my whole store is on sale, 30% off.

SATeam sez: you'd better hurry if you want to get in on that! We don't expect things to last long!

Cat's Wire sez: For my birthday which is next week I will have a 15 % off sale on selected items, the whole week from the 22th to the 28th.

SATeam sez: Happy Birthday, Cat!

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casualgal said...

Some great deals to be had. Congrats Prolifique and can't wait to see what you do with the new stamps Two Belles!

Barb Macy said...

Congrats, Rhonda! Way to go! I'm happy for you.

Lisa Holley said...

great gossip so happy for all those folks getting in on these great sales.

galadryl said...

Great discounts here. Wish you lots of sales.
Congratulation, Prolifique. Great News.
Looking forward to seeing your new stamped jewelry, Two Belles.
Next week I will be holding my first set of stamps in my hands. Never done this before. Can't wait.

Meghann said...

Great deals and info!

Jewlie said...

Great Sales and congratulations on the 2,000 sells Prolifique! Thats great!

Leilani said...

Great deals. Holy beach glass! I haven't gone hunting for beach glass in ages...

Bonnie said...

Wow that's some great stuff. Accent Yourself I am jealous of your beach adventures.