Friday, June 5, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Danagonia sez: I'm having a huge sale all this month...all pieces not sold within this month will be deleted from the store and not put up for sale again...and prices are insanely low, from $5-$10 USD!!! So I'm practically giving them away... I just want new homes for my babies. All sale items have "SALE" in their title and you will find them all in the "HUGE SALE this month" section.

SATeam sez: We're not going to miss out on this one!

la valley girly sez: I won't be having a sale...but I just might be adding some new pieces......I went to the jewelry district yesterday and picked up some niiiiice all eyes should be on my shop anticipating the long awaited new pieces!

SATeam sez: We can't wait!

Accent Yourself sez: Ca'Lucia Creations, Two Chicks Too and I are meeting up at the Bead and Button show to take classes and go bead shopping. 

SATeam sez: are you as jealous as we are?

Beadsage sez: I will be in Glasgow at The Bead Company in Partick on July 25th-26th to teach 'Sonya' and 'Zara' workshops.  

SATeam sez: if you are reading this in the UK, don't miss out!

SATeam sez: Azoho and la valley girly were featured in a new gift guide on Etsy this week. 

SATeam sez: Congratulations to these fabulous shops!

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Laurel said...

Great gossip!!! Thanks Cindy!

galadryl said...

Thanks for the update. It is great to read it all on one spot. Well done.

Cat said...

Cat sez: That made me smile. Great post! :-D

Lisa Holley said...

love this one.

Bonnie said...

Nice to know what everyone is up to!