Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Featured Artist: Kay Sommers

etsy: http://popnicute.etsy.com

Kharisma Ryantori, who uses the professional name Kay Sommers, is the talent behind popnicute.  

Her jewelry is almost exclusively wire-wrapped, but she is thinking about branching out into new areas. She uses sterling, argentium, copper, gemstones, Swarovski Crystallized Elements, and a healthy dose of imagination to create her jewelry and tutorials.

When asked how she got started in the jewelry business, Kay says, "I like wearing unique looking jewelry and I could only buy so much. Then I learned about making paper clay when I was 17. I started selling my first jewelry, animal head pendants made of paper clay. My aunt in Hong Kong also helped a lot; she gave me a lot of craft and jewelry books, supplies and tools."

Kay has been drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She has taken several art classes over the years, and is a very talented digital painter. However, when it comes to jewelry, she is primarily self taught. She looks for ideas on the Internet, and in books and magazines. Kay enthusiastically declares, "I love the internet! It lets me learn from the masters all around the world. I'm a very visual person, so if I look at something interesting, I try to mentally picture it in my head, and figure out how it was done."

Her dedication shows in her philosophy of jewelry making; Kay believes that it is important to always create one of a kind jewelry, and always give it her best. She doesn't believe in, or care about, mass producing her jewelry.

In addition to making jewelry, Kay is a freelance graphic designer and digital painter. She works from home and loves it. With an impish smile, she says, "I can do anything whenever I want, without someone telling me when and what to do. Guess I'm a free-spirited woman!"

Kay is the youngest of two children in her family. Laughingly, she claims, "Naturally, I'm the "baby" one!" Growing serious, she continues, "My parents are still together, and we're still living in the same house. It's been a rare occasion to meet friends nowadays since they're all spread all over the place, some in another town, some even in another country. That makes me closer to my sister than we've ever been, so that's not a bad thing. Because of all that, my social life is through the internet. Currently I'm engaged to a handsome man named Steven, who is an American. We've been in long distance relationship for more than two years now. So that sums it all, social life = internet!"

Kay enjoys seeing other people wearing her jewelry; she says, "I love it! Especially when they compliment my work and wear it often. I feel accomplished."

Looking at Kay's work, we'd have to agree: she certainly is an accomplished young woman.

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mcstoneworks said...

Great article. I really love Kay's unique style.

Happileerving said...

Kay's work is beautiful. Her tutorials are clear and well written with detailed photographs. She is a very talented jewelry artist and designer.

ALN Designs said...

I love Kay's work - jewelry and the graphic design on her sites.

And Kay, I'll second that about how good it feels to see people wearing your jewelry. It's the best compliment.

Thanks for sharing.


Meghann said...

Wow, so great, her art is beautiful :)

Laurel said...

Kay is one of a kind herself!!! Nice article!!

M2bC said...

Great profile of a wonderful, inventive artist!

Leilani said...

Great feature! I second Kay's feeling on NOT producing mass jewelry. Here work is fabulous & one of a kind that is for sure!

Barb Macy said...

Great article! I love her work!

Anonymous said...

Very nice article. I really like popnicute's jewelry.

Mich(Pixe's Treasure Chest) said...

I've always found Kay's work to be stunning! She is very talented! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Holley said...

kays work is great and this is a great article too.

Kharisma Sommers said...

wow! didn't aware i was featured here! i just came back from a vacation to explain my absence :D google alert rocks XD thank you for the great article and for the comments!! you guys made me blush :">