Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Featured Shop: Angie's Jewelry Design

Angie's Jewelry Designs will be offering some new products in the next few months; Angie is making her own cabs now, using some wonderful lace agates, jaspers, and all sorts of amazing stones. She also just returned from a trip to China, and she was able to pick up some really beautiful and unusual stones. She's starting to add them to her shop, so check back often!

This gorgeous free form cabochon was cut and polished from a slab of rough stone - by Angie! Mexican Lace Agate is an amazingly beautiful stone. Swirling earthtones of deep red, brown, tan, cream and olive green will fascinate you as you gaze into it. The carefull polishing brings out the depths of the stone, and it also clearly shows how nature bent, curved, and folded the individual ribbons of color.

This amazing piece of stone has layer upon layer of vibrant color. The colors range from pale grey to peach to mauve to deep red. There's a lot of depth here - it really must be seen to be believed. Angie cut and polished this cabochon herself. The process of taking it from an unpolished slab of rock to the piece you see pictured is nothing short of magical.

Blossoms of brick red lay across a coppery brown field, accented by veins of quartz. This is a fun shape – Angie cut and polished the stone herself so she was able to make the most of natural patterns and colors in the gemstone. It’s wrapped in Argentium sterling silver, which is highly tarnish resistant.

Angie found this beautiful stone in a market in China. It wasn't finished or polished in any way, so she wasn't sure what she had until she got home. Once she started working on it, each stage of grinding and polishing revealed new details and she knew she had a real find. The colors that emerged range from cream to pale gray to dark gray to rich black. There's also a faint tinge of rose at the bottom tip. The stone has a beautiful sheen that doesn't show in the photograph.

The soft colors and flowing curves of this pendant will remind you of desert sands under a twilit sky. Bands of terra cotta, ochre,and mauve are sure to look great with that little black dress or with a casual blue jean ensemble.

If you're looking for something special, maybe a different shape or a different color, please contact me - I do custom work on request.

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mcstoneworks said...

These are absolutely gorgeous Angie.

Great article Cindy.


bebdesigns said...

Beautiful cabs!!!de

Phoebe said...

wow, they are really pretty!

Barb Macy said...

I'm loving those cabs! Drooooool.

Bonnie said...

Angie your work is beautiful. I admire your ability to cut stone. it gives you control of the whole piece start to finish.