Friday, August 28, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


Casual Gal sez: I'm the Featured Artist on Cafe Handmade! This is the first interview I have done. It's kind of neat to see your life on the internet. Check it out, I am interested to see what you guys think.

SATeam sez: We think it's fabulous!

de Cor's Handmades sez: 31st August of every year is Malaysia’s National Day – and I am throwing a promotion to make you happy. So please go ahead and shop, buy ONE CORE tutorial from my Etsy shop and get another one for FREE – choose your free tutorial from either Core-Tutorial series or Mini-Tutorial series, tell me your choice of free tutorial by sending me an E-mail, or leaving me a message at “Instruction To Seller” when you checkout.

SATeam sez: Hmmmm, what to choose, what to choose?

Willow Branch Musings sez: One of my necklaces was featured on Wickedly Chic. It's in the Daily Ditties!!

SATeam sez: Coool-i-o!!!!

dianne karg baron sez: I listed a new piece! Woo hoo!

SATeam sez: You temptress, you! We love it! We want it!

N Valentine Studio sez: I listed this focal bead. I am trying to list some slightly smaller (read less expensive) beads. Hoping this may encourage some new buyers. I'd appreciate any input anyone may have?

SATeam sez: How did we miss this one when we placed our order with you last night?

Angie's Jewelry Design sez: I listed a new pendant. I've promised myself I'll make an effort to list more often.

SATeam sez: Yes, please do list more often! We love your rocks!!!

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Bonnie said...

Lovely temptations.