Friday, August 21, 2009

SATeam Sez . . .


The Family Jewels sez: It's been a busy week for me. DS starts 10th grade on Wednesday and DD 6th grade next Tuesday. It's always tough to get back into that routine.

SATeam sez: Don't we know it! Shopping for school supplies is a contact sport.

Artisan Handmade Jewellery sez: I listed these earrings.

SATeam sez: Those are totally fun and funky!

Danagonia sez: I listed three new pieces: Necklace of Eternal Love, Midnight Fairy Briolette, and Fairytale Wedding Necklace

SATeam sez: We just LOVE your style! Those would make us feel like fairy princesses.

Jewlie Beads sez: I lso listed a pair of my heart earrings and a new pendant.

SATeam sez: Your hearts are so elegant; the pendant is fab!

Two Silver Moons sez: We are back from our vacation. The dogs had a blast running at the beach. We stayed the first two nights in a termite infested cottage. That was rather bad with the bugs crawling on us during the night. Then they moved us into a super nice place without termites and with a stunning ocean view.

SATeam sez: Creepy! But we're glad you got a nicer place to finish out your stay.

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Bonnie said...

Those briolette pendants are fab!