Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Make Your Own Ear Wires

By Barb Macy of Accent Yourself

Materials & Tools Needed: round nose & chain nose pliers, flush cutters, 20 gauge sterling silver round wire, a round pen or pencil, tumbler or burr cup (optional).

1. First, cut round sterling silver wire into 1 3/4 - 2 inch pieces. Make sure all of your pieces are the same length.

2. Next, with your round nose pliers, make a loop at one end of a piece of wire. I make the look going against the natural curve of the wire. You might want to mark your round nose pliers at the point you make the loop for more consistency.

3. Using the pencil or pen as a guide, wrap the wire around making a hook. At this point, I go "with" the natural curve of the wire.

4. Make a small bend in the end of the wire with your chain nose pliers.

  • Practice on copper wire first. Don't waste your expensive sterling silver wire!

  • After practicing on copper wire, decide what size you like and stick with it! It will help you become more consistent in making your own earwires.

  • Use a file or burr cup to soften the ends and to get rid of sharp points.

  • Tumble the batch for 20-30 minutes for added hardening & shine.

  • I like using 20 gauge wire. I've found that the ear wires are more substantial and hold the little plastic ear wire keepers more securely.

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casualgal said...

Great post - thanks, Barb!!

Cat said...

Why does it look so easy when you explain it and still takes me so long? ;-) Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Good pix and clearly written instructions. Great post!