Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Featured Shop: Glass Addictions

Glass Addictions is a Self Representing Artist (SRA #C79) and also a proud member of Fire Divas, the SATeam and INCrowd team. Click on any photo to learn more about the item.

An addition to the Nightmare Insomnia Series, the shape is slightly more elongated and thinner than usual. The stylized "spiders" sit at each end of a black base bead with dots of highly reactive silver glass that have been poked, encased to trap an air bubble in each dot, and then melted flat.

This particular Nightmare Insomnia Series focal has emerald droplets of irridized glass on one side and sapphire droplets on the other and is encased in clear. Each end has a stylized "spider" made with my favorite glass that turns into a beautiful pewter color with a rainbow irridized oil slick look.

This lampwork focal bead needs to be held in your hand and seen with your own eyes to be appreciated! Inside this bead is a fine silver mesh that I purposely left a "hole" in the mesh so that you can stare inside the mesh. After the mesh was encased in clear, it is magnified and in takes on a different look at different angles. It's a very cool effect. On the surface of the bead is some delicate color and accents of black that were swirled around.

I love to wear lime green. For some reason, I rarely actually use lime green in the beads I make. In the quest to work with colors I rarely use, I made this focal using a lime green base with red, orange, yellow and purple dots.

Bicone focal bead with a core of electric yellow and encased dichroic glass. Enamel was sprinkled over the top of the clear for a fun colorful bead with a variety of opaque and translucent qualities.

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Jennifer Cameron said...

Clearly I have not been reading my usual blogs in the last couple weeks! What a wonderful surprise to run across this today. And it was even posted on my birthday!